Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 17: Mt. Fuji

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At 4:30 PM, many students were resting, and 5:30 PM was dinner time, but it's not necessary. There were so many people that neither of them knew what was missing. So Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng intend to use this time to go out and find a hotel. However, when they first came out from the room, they ran into Zhao Duo. In order to prevent Zhao Duo from "informing", they actually deceived him and fled the hotel together to soak in the hot spring, their two-person hot spring trip became a three-person hot spring trip.

Xing Zhipeng came up with the hot spring hotel strategy that had been developed long ago and chose a local best hot spring hotel in the area. Mo Shaoqing grumbled silently, it seemed that he was prepared, digging a good pit and waiting for him to jump down.

Because of avoiding the holiday season, so the hotel visitors were not very much. Xing Zhipeng was particularly very proud to decide on a villa but was told that it had been booked, and Mo Shaoqing was relieved. Finally, they booked an R-style courtyard with an open-air hot spring, which was shared to individuals. One person would need 20,000 Yen, equivalent to more than a thousand dollars for Chinese Yuan.

Although they were mentally prepared, Mo Shaoqing was also frightened. This price was far beyond his budget. For a non-hedonist like him, and even a bit stingy person, a hotel with more than 1,000 Yuan a night never appeared in his dictionary. Moreover, he only bought a total of 100,000 Yuan on this trip, which was not the time to be rich. Mo Shaoqing had to give up the hot spring and leave the hotel.

"Hey, don't go away, you frugal, you know that money is not saved, it is earned." Xing Zhipeng immediately called Mo Shaoqing along with Zhao Duo who was following him.

"You both left. What's the point of leaving me alone?" Xing Zhipeng's mouth was pinched and looked pitiful.

Seeing this doesn't work, he immediately make another move, "You don't know how much you earn. Do you know how difficult to book a hotel in the holiday season? How expensive is it? Do you know that there are two meals in the morning and two in the evening? We can stay here for 15 hours, less than 100 yuan an hour, there is food and drink ah! Independent private hot spring...."

Mo Shaoqing gritted his teeth and bite his teeth again. He couldn't buy anything. He has lived for nearly forty years. He has worked hard in his previous life and never enjoyed such a good place, it's not easy to come to a foreign country....

"Okay, I agree. Just this one. Don't change it. Swipe your card!" Gritting his teeth, he agreed.

"Well, I agree." Zhao Duo said.

The waitress in the blue kimono was completely ignorant as if she hadn't seen the argument just now. She had been waiting for them with respect and smile. After seeing a few people reach a common understanding, she led them through a swift stream and through a small well-trimmed garden full of red maple leaves, dancing in the autumn sunset and covering the smooth stone path like a red carpet.

The spotlights hidden in the grass exude a soft light reflecting the rockery. There were white and paper lanterns between the trees. The entire hotel was like a private garden, one step at a time, waiting for you to explore. It's a kind of experience that could only be experienced by personal experience.

Mo Shaoqing's room was an independent R-style courtyard on the hillside. The whole courtyard was hidden in the woods. Walking up the stone path, there was two rooms and one hall with a glass structure. One room was a bed and tatami mat, each room has its own bathroom, there was also a tea room, living room and balcony. There was an outdoor hot spring in the garden with half indoor and half garden views. There was a special waitress in the garden. After confirming the meal break time, who are told to perform in the hotel dining area at six o'clock after the meal break was fixed.

When his body was soaked in the hot spring, the price, trouble, fatigue would all be forgotten, and the sunset shrouded in clouds and snow-capped Mount Fuji. Mo Shaoqing couldn't help but sighed, "This is life!" It's worth the money. There was a small bucket floating on the hot spring, which contained tea, sake and snacks.

At five o'clock, Xing Zhipeng was still reluctant to part with the hot spring. Mo Shaoqing’s stomach already hungry, so he and Zhao Duo changed into the yukata prepared by the hotel, ready to go eat in the dining room. However, this hotel was too big. They don't know where they were going, but the scenery here was good. Talking all the way, they unconsciously walk to a meadow. There was a yard in the center of the meadow. Zhao Duo offer to ask the waitress over there, Mo Shaoqing agreed.

The courtyard was surrounded by a two meter high wall made of bamboo pieces. Afraid of intruding into the courtyard to disturb the guests, Mo Shaoqing decided to look through the cracks to see if there were any guests. The man has a delicate mixed-race face, but he wore a navy blue bathrobe, with his legs overlapped, lay on the lounge beside the hot spring, one hand turning over the books and a lazy posture. The bathrobe collar was opened, the texture of the wheat color, the full chest. The abdominal muscles on the waist and abdomen could be seen faintly and there was a collision between classical and foreign.

"It's him——" Mo Shaoqing was surprised.

"What's wrong?" Zhao Duo was puzzled and looked inside.

"Nothing, let's go. There are guests resting, let's ask the waitress who comes and goes." Mo Shaoqing urged him to leave and soon realized that he had a guilty conscience. Why did he want to be a guilty thief? That pen was not stolen by him—— yes, the man in the courtyard was the one who bumped with Mo Shaoqing in the Donghu Building last year. His exquisite appearance and sufficient social status were enough to impress any people, including Mo Shaoqing, who was determined to become a successful person in his previous life. So, facing such a social elite, Mo Shaoqing would be a little flustered, not to mention that pen, it's really expensive ah, he actually forgot to return it.....

After some twists and turns, the two finally arrived at the dining area before six o'clock. While Zhao Duo ordered, Mo Shaoqing took a good look at the whole dining area. A semi-open, irregular R-style dining room was surrounded by a long corridor with private rooms with balcony. A slender mountain spring separated the stage and dining area. On the stage, there was a shelf with two big drums. It's still early, and there were not many restaurant staff.

It was not long after Mo Shaoqing sat down, the few poor guests around him suddenly disappeared. When he was puzzled, he found a man was sitting alone at a small table, emitted an aura of refusing people to thousands of miles away. In addition, two big men huddled at the edge of the small table and looked very funny. Mo Shaoqing understood why everyone was moving away.

Mo Shaoqing couldn't help but glanced over there. The man was holding his long sleeve with clear edges and corners on his side, he was holding a chopstick to eat vegetables, and then he couldn't control his own eyes.... Ling Senhao was very sensitive to other people's eyes. If at first glance it could also be said that it's unintentional, then one after another could be understood as...? Did this trip leaked out? He happened to catch Mo Shaoqing that avoiding his eyes.

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"You know me." he was certainly calm to not frighten him.

Now, looked at the man's oppressive coming, Mo Shaoqing could only admit it. "Yes, that last summer vacation in Donghu Building——" looked at his blank face, Mo Shaoqing felt that he had been beaten up invisibly. Why do you mention this, people like him won't remember you for a long time.

"The child labor?" Ling Senhao voiced his doubts. Mo Shaoqing was a little embarrassed. Does he looked so small? Well, although he does looked tender and didn't come of age, but there's no such thing as child labor!

"Yes, I... I didn't mean to keep staring at you." Who let you to be so handsome.

"Uh huh?" Ling Senhao motioned him to go on.

"It’s because of that pen, yes, the pen."

"What pen?"

Seeing the other person was completely unimpressed, Mo Shaoqing was anxious, the other person was a big boss, if he doesn't had any reason to say it, the other person would feel like they're in a relationship. Mo Shaoqing eagerly explained, "It was made by D Country. I'm sorry that I bumped into you that day. I forgot to return the pen to you after I found it. Then I went to Donghu Building, but it's already closed there."

"Oh, that one. I thought it was lost?" Looked at the other side grieving expression with his head down, Ling Senhao's heart strangely softened, he felt sorry for his own suspicions, and then extended his hand to the other side, "My surname is Ling."

Mo Shaoqing quickly grabbed his hand and give his full name, "My name is Mo Shaoqing."

"That pen is for you, oh, your friend is coming——" Ling Senhao turned around, revealed Zhao Duo who was blocked by him, and left the dining room after he signaling to Mo Shaoqing.

"Who is that person?" looked at the other person's back, Zhao Duo asked.

"Well—— how do you say? A boss in the place where I used to work." Mo Shaoqing explained it.

Zhao Duo silent for a moment and hesitated, "I don't think he is a simple man!"

Mo Shaoqing certainly understand what he meant. Mr. Ling and he were not people of the same class.

"What are you talking about? I'm not late and the show hasn't started yet!" Xing Zhipeng walked to the table and sit down.

"It's not late. The food is coming." suddenly, Xing Zhipeng was distracted.

The three waitresses stepped forward with three pots in front of each person, followed by a sushi platter. The delicate sushi was placed in a celadon dish, which made people unable to bear to eat. Then there were the full side dishes, secret abalone, grilled salmon, cold vegetables, fried steak, tofu dishes, crabs and hibiscus soup, accompanied by the hotel's special sake. Mo Shaoqing was hungry, and his appetite was switched. The hotel's ingredients were very fresh. They were all seasonal ingredients. This was also the essence of Huaishi cuisine, which was comparable to the vegetables in the space, there were no living things in Mo Shaoqing's space. The meat he tasted this time gave him a new idea for his restaurant.

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