Okay... this aunt is pissed off!!

Look!! I just posted new release of Entertainment Food Service but it's already stolen!

Oi, oi... this aunty is doing it for free!
I recieve no single penny from translate it!

That's why I put annoying sentence in the middle of the content.
I'm sure you reader also found some annoying sentence in the end of the contents right?!

I suspect they took it from NU. Since I didn't share it on NU few hours after post it on this blog.

Well... after I post new chapter on this blog, I check some content grubber, they didn't update new chapter.

But when I share it on NU, they also release new chapter few minutes after NU release it. My gawd!!!!

Look like NU must hire some security in their home.

Some angry words from this aunty...
This aunty must update some javascript! Though it's annoying.