Shī wáng de yǎngzǐ

Yan Yang (晏央)

Original Language

Translation Status

Animal Characteristics, Cultivation, Fantasy, Receiver Protagonist, Slash, Shota

Gerald, Pascal

It's said that a male lion will not be modest when they encounter a cub who is not their child. Gerald meets such a male lion.

He regards himself as a grain reserve, but he dislikes that he is not enough to stuff his teeth. Ready to fatten up before eating.

Gerald decides to grow up under the care of his adoptive father and then escapes before his adoptive father starts his move.

But who knows, this fattening, it's not that fattening?

This article is about the cultivation of pseudo father and son.

*All credit goes to the original author
*Feel free to pinpoint me if there any grammar error
*I'm using Chinese suffix here
*I put Shota's tag here because they do papapa when Gerald is still 13 y.o (in human age)

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