Lion King's Adopted Son
by Yan Yang
Chapter 1

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A strong wind blew, and the thick grass was blown to one side.

On the grassland, several lionesses were quietly approached the gazelle that drank water by the river, which was their target goal today. They gathered their feet, quietly approached their prey through the cover from the grass and made a sudden attack less than two meters from the lone adult gazelle.

Soon the gazelle fell into the pool of blood, and the lioness put their front paws on the gazelle, made a deafening roar, called the lions and their children to came to eat.

The male lion, Ghana, was a strong and sturdy lion. He and his younger brother Ryan were the rightful rulers of these nine lionesses. When they arrived at their prey, Ghana and Ryan enjoyed the prey without hesitation, chewed the gazelle with fresh blood, and the lionesses stood beside them, waited quietly for the two lions to finish their meal before enjoyed their own share. By the time for the cubs to eat, there was not much meat left for them.

At this time, the strong and old lions rushed up and pushed their weaker brothers and sisters aside, chewed on the prey, and even the dregs would not be left for the younger siblings. A young lion was reluctantly rushed to his brother's side, tried to stop him from eating a single meat, and fighting for his own welfare, but his brother didn't hesitate to open his paw, even the lion mother didn't say anything when they saw this scene.

The lions, Ghana and Ryan, were full. They leisurely wandered in their own territory and patrolling their territory like a pampered king. The lionesses were responsible for hunting and breeding. The lions were responsible for defending the territory and defeating intruders. The way lions divided their work had always been like this.

In a bush not far from the lion pride, suddenly a small fluffy yellow head emerged. The round ears were propped up, a pair of round yellow-brown eyes were looking warily around it. Moving its ears from time to time, and even a gust of wind and grass was unwilling to let go.

Gerald[1] was also a cub among the Ghana and Ryan lion pride, but he couldn't enjoy the treatment like the other cubs. Gerald's mother, Lily, was not the lioness of this lion pride, but a foreign lioness. No one knew where she came from, but she was indeed very different from the lioness of Ghana's lion pride. Lily was once shunned because she was not related to other lionesses in the lion pride. Fortunately, her ability to hunt was very strong. Ghana liked her. Other lionesses, despite reluctance, still accepted Lily for the sake for increasing food.

Soon, Lily became pregnant. Unlike the other lioness, which had two to five cubs each, Lily gave birth to only one cub named Gerald. Now, Gerald had been born for three years, he should be an adult by the age of the lion, but he was still a skinny little lion and doesn't look like growing up, even his six month old sister looked stronger than him. Lily was different, and Gerald was a complete freak. Because of this, the mother and the child were once again rejected by the lion pride, even Ghana no longer favored Lily and began to leave her.

Despite the loss of affection from the male lion, Lily's hunting ability was still there. Lily still could support her and her cub even if she was foraging alone from the lion pride. With Lily, Gerald would never be hungry. Gerald never had to worry about food until he was two and a half years old. The good times didn't last long. During a fight against rhinoceros, because the other lioness in the lion pride failed to cooperate with Lily, she was surrounded by three adult male rhinos and broke her belly.

Lily was dead. Losing his mother's shelter, Gerald, who did not have the ability to survive alone, soon followed his mother. And just at that moment, an unfortunate person caught up with the tide and wore Gerald's body who had just died. People who used to sit in the office now had to run around for their own livelihoods and carefully followed the lion pride every day in the hope of finding out what he had missed. It's not glory to eat someone else's leftovers, but in order to survive, everything could be tolerated.

Gerald knew that Ghana's lion pride was undoubtedly not welcome him. The lioness had their own cubs, who would like a cub who was not related to them to grab food with their own children? What's more, at the age of three years old, it's enough for Ghana and Ryan to kicked him out of the pride and fend for himself, regardless of his appearance. But with Gerald's young body and the young and tender little claws, if he was exiled from the lion pride, it may not be long before he became a good meal for hyenas. Although Ghana doesn't like Gerald, he was not cruel enough to deliberately let his children leave the pride to die. He turned a blind eye to Gerald to protect himself from other creatures, and from time to time followed the pride from behind, and he turned a blind eye to them.

But some lioness felt the little tails behind them and began to whisper, "Look, that little one who hasn't grown up is coming followed again. He is already three years old, but there are no sharp teeth and claws, and cannot hunt. I don't know how long we'll keep him!"

"Dear sister, just say less words. After all, he is Ghana's child." another lioness licked her paw and said lazily, "Unless Ghana speaks, I think he'll have to follow us all the time."

Ghana's lion pride finished their meal and left slowly. Gerald looked at the pile of broken bones not far away, knew that it could not be eaten today. The smell of lions was fading away, but the smell of blood had not dissipated. Gerald carefully left the place along the grass, and sooner, there should be some animals attracted by the smell of blood come to try their luck. Now, even a jackal could easily defeated Gerald.

Gerald’s little paws were not too sharp, not much better than the kitten’s claws. It's still very difficult for him on his own. Based on his experience of survival for nearly half a year, Gerald chose an area where hares often moved, and dig a pit with his forepaws. As the strength was not well controlled, a piece of ground scraped on Gerald's small head, and Gerald shook his head to throws the dirt off. Now, he looked like a grizzled cat.

After scratched his head with his front paws, Gera leaned on the ground and began to digging again.

Dug a trap on the ground, and then sprinkled the soft soil and grass on it made the land looked no different from other places, lured unsuspecting bunnies into the trap, which Gerald had often done recently. In addition, Gerald clumsily knotted some grass with his paws beside the trap. If the rabbits did not pass by his trap but walked along the path where the grass knot was located, they would be stumped.

After doing all this, Gerald stood against the wind, and carefully hid his scent. With the wisdom that once belonged to humanity, Gerald managed to support himself all this time. However today, Gerald’s good fortune seemed to had come to an end.

Five rabbits, a total of five rabbits passed the trap that Gerald had set, but none of them fell into Gerald's net.

"Oh, look, here comes the damn stinky lion is coming again! The last time my neighbor Ace was dead in his hands! I really don't understand. Can't the food that the lions hunt stop their mouths? Why does he always come and stare at us? God, I wish he had been snatched away by hyenas! It's such a nasty bastard!" one of the gray rabbits screamed at Gerald indignantly.

"There is a lion here, even if it is a cub, that's enough to make me uneasy—— will its pride be nearby?" the rabbit mother with her baby looked worried.

"Come on! If he can follow the lion pride, he wouldn't have to keep an eye on us! In my opinion, he is abandoned by his lion pride." a yellow rabbit grandfather glared and squinted his old eyes, made no secret of his gloating.

"Oh, he's such a poor unlucky one! But I still prefer he has been taken away by the hyenas earlier, or by the elephants!" Mr. Gray Rabbit said with no sincerity.

"So there won't be any adult lions around?"

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"That's true."

"Honey, look at your front. What's that?"

Just then the wind changed direction. A few rabbits felt a dangerous atmosphere of endless bloodshed and violence. They suddenly shrank their necks and stopped their steps.

"Oh, no—— an adult lion!"

The rabbits turned quickly and ran wildly to the opposite direction, no longer paying attention to the Gerald whom they cursed. After being left behind, Gerald looked foolishly at the arrogant adult lion in front of him, eagerly stepped forward, and then stepped into the trap Gerald had dug, and his right half fell because losing balance.

It was an adult lion with a brown mane, strong limbs and strong body looked as powerful as Ghana and Ryan. Now he let out an angry roar, sharper than the sound of a car horn close by. Gerald bristled up and stood up, covered his ears with two front paws.

When the lion locked his bloodthirsty eyes on Gerald, Gerald seemed to see the smile of the death god, his scalp was numb, and a tremor that even his tail would burst open.

Gerald's trap may be deep enough for the hare, but it's only a matter of time before an adult male lion could break free. Once the lion got out of the trap, he's finished! Gerald simply threw the useless grass knots around him to the lion, tripped him over, and found a tree that was big enough to climb up for a three years old boy.

This was Gerald's secret. Among Ghana and Ryan lion pride, only he and Lily, who had passed away, had the ability to become human. He doesn't know if it's because of this reason that his growth was unusually slow. Except for the ears and tail couldn't change, Gerald looked exactly like a human child.

As Gerald climbed up the tree, the angry lion already broke free with brute strength from the troubles that Gerald had caused him to fell off and quickly rushed under the tree. He held his head high as if trying to bite Gerald's tail to take him down from the tree. Gerald raised his tail with fright and climbed desperately up the tree. God knows how to do it so quickly with his little arms and legs, and when he thought to bask about it afterward, Gerald himself also couldn't believe it.

Gerald listened to the constrain roar from the lion in his ear, fear gradually rose to his heart.

The lion he had offended was Pascal?

If Ghana and Ryan had been defeated by this lion, then no one could save him from the lion's anger.

Gerald shrank his belly and lay straight on the tree. His life, no, why was lion’s life so difficult? He had not yet enjoyed the prestige of being a lion king, and he would be buried here.

Moreover, he was really hungry.

Pascal lingered under the tree, and Gerald couldn't leave. He had not eaten for two days, and his small belly made a burst of protest. The wind in the night was a bit cold. After Gerald climbed the tree, he changed back to the form of a lion. In order to reduce the energy consumption, he curled up and almost formed into a ball.

Pascal looked at the pitiful little furball on the tree, and most of the anger in his heart subsided.

At this time, a passing rabbit was caught by Pascal, and his lion's sharp claws instantly opened the rabbit's stomach. The delicious smell came from under the tree, and Gerald couldn’t help but sniff his nose. Such a little rabbit is undoubtedly not enough for the adult lion, but for Gerald, it's a hearty meal. For a moment, Gerald almost wanted to rush down the tree and win the hare. But when he looked up at the dangerous golden eyes under the tree, Gerald wilted again and pull back his front paws back from where they had just stepped.

Whether it was an illusion or not, the male lion under the tree saw Gerald’s appearance and showed a funny expression. He stood up and stepped back a few steps. Soon, Gerald couldn't smell the lion. But Gerald knows that the horrid lion must have not gone far. For experienced lions, it's not difficult to use the wind direction to temporarily hide the smell on their bodies. Does this lion think that he was a fool who would be fooled as long as there was a bait?

For some time, the smell of blood stimulated Gerald’s taste buds, and the lion never came back. Gerald was like being ripped by countless bugs, and it's difficult to hesitate. Although it's not a good idea to went down from the tree now, the ubiquitous hunger had defeated it, meanwhile, his feelings towards the lion that had left his glory rushed to his heart.

Anyway, if it went on like this, he would starve to death before being shredded to pieces by the lion. If the hare was just a trap, even if he was going to die, he would be a stuffed ghost.

The cub rushed down the tree, looked around warily at first. After discovering that there was no movement around, then tentatively arch the hare with his nose. After confirming that there was no abnormal situation, he quickly pounced it. After gnawing the hare, he licked his mouth and squinted his eyes with a happy smile. The little thing then followed the borderline and carefully returned to the territory of Ghana and Ryan's lion pride.

Looked at the small figure that was gradually drifted away, the male lion's golden eyes revealed a thoughtful look.

TN: Yeah.... suddenly a poor soul possessed the cub's dead body, this is what I confused, the author didn't put "Transmigrate/Rebirth" tag, and yes the story didn't tell anything about transmigration

But poor Gerald, even his own daddy ignored him , oh~ but didn't he dug some traps? Lol instead bunny, he got a sugar daddy

[1] Gerald name is 杰拉, it can read as Gerald, Gera, Jayla, or Jie La... which one is better? Any suggestion?

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