King of Classical Music
Chapter 7: Did You Suck Your Brains Out?

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B City Symphony Orchestra is the first-class orchestra in China, just three days after break period, the ensemble of the whole orchestra has undergone a qualitative sublimation and began to enter the tacit phase. In the meantime, Qi Mu also has a lot of understanding of Tan Zhenghui.

Tan Lao is a dedicated old artist, his talent as conductor is naturally unquestionable, and his attitude towards excellence in music make Qi Mu more admirable.

Each conductor has different styles in processing music, such as Mr. Alberck Dorenza[1] the chief conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, his music is very romantic, passionate gentleness of a music. On the contrary, Tan Lao's music is more closely related to the reality.

With its earthy gentle fragrance, It gives the audience a feel of pure and natural atmosphere which is a natural match with Dvorak's music. As a result, Dvorak's performance often appears in the the B City Symphony Orchestra.

For example, the orchestra is now rehearsing the twelfth of the 《Symphony no.8 in G Major》 is one of Dvorak's famous works. The whole song is soothing and calm, as if bring people to the beautiful Czech Republic in 19th century and feel the infinite nature scenery.

"Insert the clarinet a little bit!"

"The clarinet is a little lighter!"

Even if it was corrected a hundred times, Tan Lao refined attitude also allowed him to pick out eggs from the stone[2] and ask for better. Whenever it's time for rehearsal, the conductor is like having obsessive-compulsive disorder and demanding in every detail.

Although Qi Mu can hear the rhythm and pitch of each instrument, he is not the conductor and did not know what kind of Symphony Tan Lao wanted.

Today rehearsal was over, when he was about to go back in the evening, Qi Mu has not yet walked out B City Symphony Orchestra front door, suddenly he was called and he turned to see that Tan Lao with serious face was sitting in a black car and looked at him.

"Get in."

Qi Mu was slightly surprised and then got on.

In the quiet and narrow car, Qi Mu just put the violin case and heard a low pressure sound, "Tomorrow's competition... How is the preparation?"

Understand what the other side said, Qi Mu turned to look at Tan Lao and said with a serious look, "I've been preparing for these days. You should rest assured Tan Lao, I will work hard."

Since Tan Lao himself said about violin competition, Qi Mu has entered a busy preparation period. Originally, he also planned to register himself, but he did not expect Tan Lao to help him handle all the things, and only need to perform on stage.

Tan Zhenghui looked at the Qi Mun serious look and nodded in satisfaction. Just as the car turned to the corner and drove up to the highway, he asked: "Which songs have you prepared?"

Qi Mu answered, "I intend to use the first song Paganini's 《The Scene of Love》, I've practiced on this piece a lot in the last few days. The second plan is to use Mozart's 《Serenade》."

After a pause, Qi Mu added, "It's "Serenade in G Major", which I used to know very well, so I used this one. The last one... It's Mendelssohn's 《Concerto in E Minor》."

Listen to what Qi Mu said, Tan Lao kept his head. When he finished speaking, Tan Lao frowned and ponder for a while, then asked, "I remember that you used to be the best of Tartini's songs. Why didn't you pick him this time?"

Hearing this, Qi Mu was slightly stunned then smiled, "Tan Lao, this is already a thing of the past."

After listening to this, Tan Lao looked at Qi Mu deeply, and did not speak any more. Inside the car has returned to a dead silence.

When the car arrived at his neighborhood, Qi Mu stood by the car with his violin box and saying goodbye to Tan Zhenghui. Tan Lao sighed and said: "I haven't seen you for more than three years. You have changed a lot... Qi Mu."

The dazzling sunset shines on the young man black hair, and Tan Zhenghui slowly squints his eyes. Finally, he reveals a rare smile, "Qi Mu you must keep this way, I will wait for your result tomorrow."

After a while, the black car slowly drove out of the distrcit gate and disappearing from Qi Mu sight.

The young man with a straight figure did not immediately turn to go upstairs. He held the violin case in his hand and watched Tan Lao car drift away. He smiled dryly, “Qi Mu ah, there are so many elders who care about you... How did you fall like that? You're actually really happy."

His tone is bitter and helpless, with a hint of envy.

Not for long, the figure of the young man disappeared on the neighborhood roadway, and the sighing words were also drowned by the autumn wind.

The violin competition that Tan Zhenghui is interested, is certainly not an ordinary competition.

That is a national violin competition organized by Huaxia government and Munich Conservatory of Music in Germany, which is divided into two parts, junior group and youth group. According to Qi Mu current age, he is in the middle of the 18 to 25 years old youth group.

When he arrived at the B City Grand Theatre where the competition was held, many players were already preparing in the backstage. Qi Mu rarely see so many young violinists, he looks at it a few more times. Then he hears the man who follows him say, "QI Mu, you're not too old for that, are you regretful that you haven't taken advantage of the past eight years of your prime time?"

After hearing this, he turned around and asked: "Zheng Ge, do you think I regret it?"

The person who came to the theater with Qi Mu was Zheng Weiqiao.

Originally, he did not intend to tell Zheng Weiqiao about his participation in the competition. After all, many magazines needed him to submit their stories by the end of the year, and it was still quite busy. But Zheng Weiqiao did not know where he got the news of his participation in the competition. He went to his home early in the morning to "tie" him.

Zheng Weiqiao pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and the clean lens reflected a silvery light: "Isn't it?"

Qi Mu shook his head, squinting his eyes and then look at the vibrant young contestants there. He said with a smile: "Even if I regret it, there will be no change, so I will only do something to change the future."

After listening to Qi Mu words, Zheng Weiqiao lingered for a long time, and he waited until Qi Mu opened the violin case and began to play. He looked at this handsome young man with a complicated look for a long time before he finally showed a smile.

Zheng Weiqiao was really busy recently, so he only accompanied Qi Mu for a day when he went to the B City Symphony Orchestra on the first day. Originally, he was worried that Qi Mu being excluded and bullied by his predecessors. But after seeing that he was able to handle the relationship between colleagues so well, Zheng Weiqiao was relieved and did visit Qi Mu again in the next few days.

He learned from his friends in the orchestra that Qi Mu was very popular in the orchestra and seemed to have another title called "Little Seven"[3]. Although Chief Tan is always criticize Qi Mu, he still takes great care of him most of the time.

This made Zheng Weiqiao very relieved.

He really grown up overnight, ah!

Not bad, just... Is the transformation a bit too big?

Thinking of this, Zheng Weiqiao became worried again, he asked: "Qi Mu ah, the result of your previous abstaining from marijuana... How's it going?"

Qi Mu haven’t touched the word “marijuana” for a long time. When he heard Zheng Weiqiao’s words, froze a bit it and said: "It's almost done, Zheng Ge, you don’t have to worry." The tone is calm and look normal.

But that's the case, Zheng Weiqiao is little worried: "Would you have any abnormalities reaction while in the withdrawal... You now change so much, ah?"


"Won't that be a problem? For example, if you wake up, and you want to go back to your old life?"


"Maybe we should see a doctor in a few days."

"......I really don't need it, Zheng Ge."

"Let's see a doctor." The more Zheng Weiqiao thought, the more he felt his concern was very reasonable, and he nodded.

Qi Mu felt a bit dumbfounding: "Zheng Ge, I really don't have a problem! It's not being ruined by marijuana." Even if it was, it was killed by smoking marijuana.

Zheng Weiqiao was still hesitant, until Qi Mu promised that he would be able to put the matter down and said no more. Looking at the appearance of Zheng Weiqiao like the old lady, Qi Mu heart is warm, and his delicate face is full of smiles.

What they did not know, not far away, a young violinist was looking at them with a frown. After looking at them for a while, the man whispered to himself:

"Qi... Mu?"

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[1] Alberck Dorenza: the original is 艾伯克·多伦萨 tell me if you have better suggestion.

[2] Tan Lao refined attitude also allowed him to pick out eggs from the stone: the original is "谭老精益求精的态度也让他能从石头中挑出鸡蛋" HELP!! although I kinda understand the meaning of the "egg" and the "stone".

[3] Little Seven: 小七 (xiǎo qī), seven is "qī" in Chinese. Qi Mu name is 戚暮. But I will use "Xiao Qi".

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