King of Classical Music
Chapter 6: First Ensemble

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Since the chief conductor has arrived, today's orchestra training is officially started.

Tan Zhenghui as the chief conductor of the B City Symphony Orchestra, in the orchestra, and even the whole of China, are quite famous. Since he took over as chief conductor of the B City Symphony Orchestra 10 years ago, he has led the orchestra to perform many performances in the country and overseas, especially his interpretation of Dvořák, so that the West is amazed, unexpectedly that the East have such understanding of Dvořák's conductor.

Tan Lao is 56 years old this year, but his hair is already white. Although his appearance is look good, but it can't hide the signs of aging.

Since Mother Qi died eight years ago, Tan Lao looks like he's getting old all of a sudden.

Mother Qi grew up in B City before she was married to the S City. She doesn't have a good family environment. Her parents died of illness when she is in college. Her talent is extraordinary, she has been taken care of by Tan Lao. Tan Lao was the chief violinist before moving to the S City Symphony Orchestra.

Such a bright woman suddenly died because of an accident. No doubt that the white hair delivers the black hair[1]. In particular Qi My was so stupid, Tan Lao is heartbroken and angry.

"Second violin group, vibrato dropped to MP[2]!"

"What about my third horn? Slow down!"

"Second violin group, entering too fast!"

"Stop!!! Trombone in the wrong tone, Li Cheng you play it again."

The first ensemble of each orchestra is the hardest part. There are few kinds of instruments and more than a dozen people. It is extremely difficult for them to play the same instrument and control own rhythm, not to mention the perfect combination of more than a dozen instruments on this basis.

Even if the B City Symphony Orchestra played Dvorak's music many times in the past few years, there would inevitably be some minor mistakes will occur. And that's when it's time to test the command.

In the past, Qi Mu was the second chair of the first violin group of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Some mistakes can be heard, such as the pitch of the same instrument, the speed of the rhythm, and the strength of the vibrato. Sometimes he can hear small mistakes in string instruments, or big mistakes in wind instruments.

But most of the time, when the conductor suddenly stops and yells, Qi Mu is slightly surprised.

After all, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra is the world's top established orchestra. There are very few mistakes that can occur. When the ensemble reaches the late stage, you don't want to hear any mistake. At this time, only the commander who leads everything can hear subtle errors hidden in the half-tone or even a little bit of strength.

"Li Cheng! Did you go out as a thief last night? Eat yet, already blow a mess[3]! Give me another one!"

The high command platform, Tan Lao was already angry and his face was red, the second trombone he scolded was so ashamed that he hurried to play it again.

"Xiao Qi... You said old Li Zhen play was bad?" The young man sitting next to Qi Mu whispered in a strange voice. Tan Lao had already been so angry that he went straight to the trombone group, so their whispering conversations in front are not easy to hear. "I think Old Li didn't seem to make much difference before. Why was he scolded today?"

After hearing this, Qi Mu smiled and explained, "There is no problem with the rhythm and pitch of the second trombone, but when the song was inserted, he starts a little louder than the first trombone. And at the end of the paragraph, as a second trombone he was too fast to hold down the horn."

The young man was shocked and asked, "Is that true?"

"Is Chen Ge not think so?" Qi Mu raised his eyes and looked at each other. A faint smile appeared in his pale eyes, and he was calm. "I think if this play is not successful, Tan Lao should be..."

"Wrong! Don't you play "The Sixth" for months? Li Cheng you tell me about yourself, when will you make such a big mistake?! Hurry up, don't make the other anxious!"

Qi Mu's words have not finished yet, Tan Lao's angry voice sounded in the entire rehearsal hall. Puzzled for a moment, he smiled and closed his mouth at last, but the young man did not agree.

"No, it's really a small problem?! Xiao Qi, you can even hear that? Your note sense is too strong!"

Qi Mu smiled modestly and his beautiful eyes turned around. He thought of a saying, "My parents used to like Dvorak's Sixth very much, so they often told me something about it. Although Tan Lao's style of command is not the same as my father, but still the same in this aspect."

The young man nodded and asked no more questions. And Qi Mu smiled meaningfully.

These days, he has been able to slowly grasp the notes that are constantly emerging in his brain. Because there were too many sounds, he couldn’t control it all at once, but he also using a tuner to compare the sounds, although Qi Mu dare not say that he has surpassed Tan Lao's sound sense, but compared with it, there is not much difference.

The most important thing for a conductor is the ear.

Even the music master Beethoven, he could make music when he was deaf. However, when he wanted to conduct his own music, he was opposed by almost all the orchestras in the world,and even some musicians would tremble to hear that Beethoven was conducting the orchestra.

Want to conduct an orchestra without hearing? That is a mission impossible!

Qi Mu knows that with this body's talent, there is no difficulty in the development of classical music. And the most suitable for him is not the violin, it's the conductor. But......

Is it possible to become a conductor simply by having a perfect pitch?

Every world-renowned conductor has ears with absolute tone sense under the training, and their achievements may be beyond the imagination of an ordinary absolute tone senser.

Qi Mu heard such a thing when he was in Vienna before, and it was also because of this that he really bowed down to the man who became the king of modern classical literature. From then on, he was willing to worship Min Chen.

It is said that Min Chen, when conducting the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, he once heard a violin changed a string after an ensemble!

What kind of hearing is this?

Even with Qi Mu current talent, It's hard to imagine

"Well, this is barely okay. You will play it again in the evening. You'll be allowed to go home for dinner only if you're qualified, you know!"

Tan Lao snorted and then walked back to his podium. Before he picked up the baton, his eyes would glance at Qi Mu beneath the stage, stare blankly at Qi Mu then chuckle——

Just now... is he was heard?

"Qi Mu, you... Come with me."

When the ensemble ended today at noon break, Qi Mu had not yet risen from his chair when he heard an old man’s voice coming from the high podium.

Qi Mu just took a moment and put down the violin in his hand and went up. He passed through all the people in the orchestra, and everyone said to him that "Xiao Qi, 18 years later is still a hero", "Xiao Qi, you worked hard, the revolution needs you", which made him laugh and cry.

When Qi Mu caught up with Tan Zhenghui, Tan Lao stood in the corridor outside the rehearsal hall, his hands pinned behind him, and did not look at him, but looked down at the window. Qi Mu walked softly forward, followed Tan Lao's eyes.

Through the small buildings mottled with historical traces of wooden windows, is a scene of the autumn wind in the quiet garden. Most of the flowers have begun to wither, and only the golden yellow of the ginkgo tree is like a layer of thin blankets on the ground. It looks as dazzling as the sunshine in full bloom from a distance.

"Tan Lao." Qi Mu said respectfully.

"En." Tan Zhenghui murmured softly, and after a long time, he said, "How many years I have not see you ah...... Qi Mu."

Qi Mu thought for a moment and said, "Three years."

Tan Zhenghui shook his head when he heard the words, and there was a trace of sadness in his old face. "It's three years and two months. Last time you still want to come up with the 'Edith'[4] when you are an adult, did we old people get together and meet you?"

His firm eyebrows frown slightly for a while, Qi Mu sighed and nodded, "Yes."

"Edith" is the name of the violin that his parents deposited in the Swiss Bank Corp.

The original body was eager to take out the little princess[5] from the bank after he became an adult to sell it for money. Therefore, the old friends of his parents immediately got together and changed the condition of taking out the violin by using their relationship, so that Qi Mus can't sell the violin.

"This community is not for you if you just want to play." Tan Zhenghui said with no feelings, "It is absolutely impossible for you to get mixed up with the old ones in my orchestra."

Qi Mu naturally understood Tan Lao meaning, he is worried that he still does not know how to repent.

Qi Mu looks down at the reflection of the halo on the floor. As he moves, the hair on his forehead falls naturally, covering his eyes. "Tan Lao, I really want to start my life again. In the past I was young and ignorant, in the future... Please rest assured."

Tan Lao heard the words, turn to look at Qi Mu in surprise.

The sunset on the horizon renders the clouds of the whole sky, and the brilliant purple makes the brilliant sunshine softer. The light projected from the small window on the young man's handsome white face made his meaningful eyebrows more refined.

That looks was like his mother which more than twenty years ago!

After a long time, Tan Lao sighed deeply, "This weekend... There is an international violin competition. You can take part in it."

Suddenly heard this Qi Mu was stunned. He looked up at Tan Lao for a long time.

Looking at the old man's helplessness expression, he slowly opened his mouth and smiled, he nodded his head and said solemnly,

"All right."

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[1] The white hair delivers the black hair: to see one's child die before oneself

[2] MP: I think it's Mezzo piano (Play moderately softly), CMIIW

[3] Eat yet, already blow a mess: in a complete mess, in an awful condition

[4] Edith: The original is 伊蒂丝 CMIIW

[5] I'm sure the little princess he mean here is the violin, Edith

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