Yúlè quān měishí dāndāng
Entertainment Industry’s Gourmet Food Service

Tianlai Xing Xuan (天籁星璇)

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Comedy, Celebrities, Chefs, Entertainment, Modern Days, Mpreg, Noble Family, Rebirth, Receiver Protagonist, Romance, Slash

Mo Shaoqing (Shao Qing), Ling Senhao (Gavin Ansel Lawrence)

Shao Qing, who grew up in an orphanage, in order to survive, had to go to school during the day and work in a restaurant at night, successfully mastering cooking.

After dying in a car accident while on his way to meeting his parents, he was reborn seventeen years ago, bringing with him a jade pendant which is actually a space.

Growing flowers, planting trees to sell fruit, opening restaurants, shooting movies, in this era of Internet celebrities, I must be one, and be different from those white lotuses.

Boss Ling Senhao: Recently, I took a fancy to guy with long legs and slender waist, with great acting skills. His best feature is that he cooks very well. In the end, should I sign him? Should I?

Mo Shaoqing: Why don’t we just collaborate?

Everyone: Prince Mo cooks really well!

Mo Shaoqing: In fact, I am an actor who spends his time cooking!

In short, this is an Internet celebrity who opened a private kitchen, starting by posting on forums until finally micro-blogging, then entering the entertainment industry, from domestic to international, then being paid attention to by the world.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Rebirth or Transmigration
Chapter 2: The Space
Chapter 3: New Life
Chapter 4: Happiness
Chapter 5: Pregnant
Chapter 6: Disputes
Chapter 7: Fractured
Chapter 8: Plan
Chapter 9: Orders
Chapter 10: Encounter
Chapter 11: Studying Abroad
Chapter 12: R Country
Chapter 13: Tour
Chapter 14: Rebellion and Acquaintance
Chapter 15: Movie
Chapter 16: Shooting
Chapter 17: Mt. Fuji
Chapter 18: Tokyo
Chapter 19: College Entrance Examination
Chapter 20: University
Chapter 21: Crisis
Chapter 22: Counterattack
Chapter 23: Career
Chapter 24: Renovation
Chapter 25: Recruit
Chapter 26: Business
Chapter 27: Open For Business
Chapter 28: B City
Chapter 29: Displease
Chapter 30: Lunch Box
Chapter 31: Lunch Box
Chapter 32: Gourmet Food
Chapter 33: Encounter (Web Forum Large Fire)
Chapter 34: Cooperation
Chapter 35: Bad Terms
Chapter 36: Job
Chapter 37: Role
Chapter 38: Shoot A Movie
Chapter 39: Crisis
Chapter 40: Resolve
Chapter 41: Cooperation
Chapter 42: Preparations For School Anniversary
Chapter 43: Pre-speech
Chapter 44: The Celebration is In Progress
Chapter 45: Sign a Contract
Chapter 46: A Little Red (1)
Chapter 47: A Little Red (2)
Chapter 48: A Little Red (3)
Chapter 49: A Little Red (4)