Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 14: Rebellion and Acquaintance

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Today's breakfast was a thick boiled egg, fried dumplings, triangle rice balls (onigiri) and milk and fruit salad. Saw the grandma do it very attentively, a few people thanked her for the breakfast and immediately get on the bus to yesterday's school.

The school was quiet again after the festival, and the decorations had all been taken away. And it was neat that no one could see yesterday's party. Today was mainly studying with the second and third year, and experience the activities of the class. In the morning, they study with the third year, in the afternoon the third year was self-study, so they went to the second year class. Because of the limited number of students in one class, only ten students cloud be placed in each class.

When Mo Shaoqing entered the classroom, he felt an ill gaze fell on him. Searched the source, it was the girl on the stage yesterday, but she quickly turned her face away.

In fact, Mo Shaoqing was somewhat facial-blind, he was not particularly beautiful and handsome. When he saw her, he forgot that the reason why he was impressed by that girl was the hostility of the other person on the stage yesterday, but Mo Shaoqing doesn't take it seriously but felt somewhat puzzled.

The first lesson was the history of R Country. The level of R Country language in Mo Shaoqing's group was not so good to be able to communicate completely with each other, so the teacher told the content was relatively simple, mainly based on discussion and communication.

The second lesson was the Y language lesson. Mo Shaoqing realized that the original Y language of R Country was not badly taught by the teacher, but it was hard to catch up with the natural accent. Then the teacher asked everyone to read the text, and picked a few Chinese students and a few students from R Country. Huaxia was an exam-oriented education. It was really embarrassing to read the text. The students in the R Country were not good at the accent, but they were more fluent.

Mo Shaoqing felt a little bored, and his mind began to drifted away... They should not go to class when they went to Tokyo! He also wanted to visit some interesting places to play!

Suddenly his elbow was pushed fiercely, with Mo Shaoqing trained reflex, he immediately stood up and found that the whole class’s eyes were focused on him, including the teacher and looked at him with gentle eyes.

Why did he felt a familiar scene? It was like people sat at home, and "curse" came from the sky! Mo Shaoqing looked at the front, and sure enough, the girl on the stage yesterday stood on the podium and looked at him defiantly.

Mo Shaoqing reluctantly picked up the book and went to the podium to start reading. Although his oral English was not an authentic B Country pronunciation, but he also participated in the 4th and 6th grade examinations, so his pronunciation of the words was basically correct, and his reading was relatively smooth. After reading the textbook, the whole class burst into applause. Mo Shaoqing could only sat down awkwardly and he found that Watanabe Ayaka stared at him.

Mo Shaoqing's temper was not good, it was very uncomfortable to be noticed and then called to the podium again. Humph, the little girl was not perfect! Mo Shaoqing deliberately replied with a smile, and this time, Watanabe Ayaka burst with rage, and his mouth was crooked.

The third and fourth lessons were mathematics. Watanabe Ayaka looked at Mo Shaoqing, and get up to answer questions. But unfortunately, Mo Shaoqing was in a daze most of the time, so he doesn't answer the question. Although doesn't understand R language very well, mathematical symbols and subjects were all interlinked in the world.

The difficulty of R Country education was not as deep as in China. Such as this function was a relatively simple and basic knowledge, which could be solved by students in the second grade of Mo Shaoqing group. In order to let the students improve their interest, the teacher made some questions for the two students to answer the quiz. Then it became a question for the students. As Mo Shaoqing had expected, Watanabe Ayaka had a problem with the coefficient difficulty, which was answered by Mo Shaoqing.

Unfortunately, she was unaware of the question. Although it looked very complicated, the answer was very simple after simplification. Mo Shaoqing was a science student who had taken the college entrance exam with thousands of difficult path and graduated from a prestigious university. How many problems he had brushed in the past.

So, Mo Shaoqing wrote the results in two or three steps after he came to the platform. The main reason was that he was proficient in the formula, and he could completely simplify it in his mind. He couldn't write all the process, and he was helpless. Under the podium, the whisper of "sugoi (amazing)" was constantly heard, and Mo Shaoqing doesn't care.

Under the Watanabe Ayaka surprised eyes, he wrote a college entrance examination question in a certain year, which was similar with Watanabe Ayaka subjects, it looked very difficult, but the method of solving the problem was very easy. Watanabe Ayaka stood there with chalk, and she seemed to be unwilling and bit her lower lip. Mo Shaoqing sighed in his heart that she could not win, but if she was not so aggressive, he would not make this decision.

Later, the teacher explained the topic to everyone in detail and helped her solve it. Even Xing Zhipeng, who had a thick nerve, had seen the clues, let alone other classmates, and Watanabe Ayaka was reluctant to step down.

At lunchtime, the cafeteria distributed the lunch portion. The lunchbox food was rice and some noodles, the main dish was sweet shrimp tempura and some vegetables, golden needle beef tofu soup, a small amount of fruit and a bottle of low-fat milk. It could be said very rich.

In order to boost mutual understanding, the class teacher asked the students to go to the podium to ask questions, and then assigned the students to answer it. Many Chinese students came to the podium to ask various questions and then appointed R Country students to answer them. In the morning, Mo Shaoqing was exhausted by Watanabe Ayaka, and there was no mood to go to the podium. After the meal, he made an excuse to go to the toilet with Xing Zhipeng and ran to the corridor.

"Does that Watanabe have a problem with you? I think she's been targeting you!" Xing Zhipeng asked curiously.

"How do I know? I don't know her." His good mood also destroyed by her.

If this happened in China, Xing Zhipeng may had to make fun of Mo Shaoqing, but things happened in other countries would have to be thought out. But there was nothing to think about because Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng heard the sound from the corner. At this time everyone was eating in the classroom, who was hiding there?

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R Country school building was somewhat similar to the Chinese university. There were classrooms on both sides, there were cabinets for students to placed the books in the corridor. So the corridor was very narrow. The two men walked to the corner with doubt and found a group of people was surrounding something. Xing Zhipeng was more impulsive, he knew what happened, and quickly rushed forward but was stopped by Mo Shaoqing.

"This is R Country. It's not good if you want to start something...."


"The dragon can't overwhelm the snake[1], you listen to me...." Mo Shaoqing asked Xing Zhipeng to come over and say a few words in his ear.

Takahashi Eri shivered as she stood up, her white shirt wet with fruit juice. She looked at the plain face in front of her, so familiar with the students, she said nothing but evil. But she dared not cry, because if she cried, she would be treated more viciously.

The crowd then heard, "What are you doing?"[2]

Several girls turned around and found two tall boys stood behind them and stepped back. Xing Zhipeng doesn't care, and continued to speak Y language, "What are you talking about?"

"Are you from China?" a girl boldly said, "This has nothing to do with you, you leave our business alone."

"Sorry, I don't understand." Mo Shaoqing continued to pretending that he doesn't understand.

Several girls looked at each other and looked at the girl behind them, snorted and walked away. Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng were relieved. Just now, they turned a blind eye to the situation and quarreled badly, could only pretend to be innocent.

After the group was scattered, a petite girl revealed in the middle. The girl raised her face, a pear blossom with rain, her baby face was very delicate and lovely. The most exaggerated thing was her figure, which was curvy and obvious. Even if Mo Shaoqing doesn't like girls, but he accidentally took a few more glances.

"Arigatougozaimasu (Thank you very much)." the girls kept bowing to both of them.

"All right, raise your hand." Xing Zhipeng said in R Country language and then handed a napkin to her.

"Do you speak our language? Ohー I see. Thank you very much. My name is Takahashi Eri, and I am in the second grade." The three people talked at the corner of the aisle.

"My name is Xing Zhipeng, and he is Mo Shaoqing."

"I know you, Mo-san, you sing very well." said Takahashi Eri shyly.

"Oh my god, Mo Shaoqing, you are doing it again, your limelight has overshadowed me!" Xing Zhipeng snarled in Huaxia, "But is our Shaoqing is very red? Why do I feel that everyone knows him."

"Yes, everyone knows Mo-san when he strikes back against President Watanabe on the stage that day."

"President Watanabe? Is it Watanabe Ayaka?" Mo Shaoqing felt there were many untold stories inside.

"Yes, President Watanabe's grandfather was involved in the war, so she... she doesn’t like Chinese people very much, so she will call you to perform on the stage. There is no such program. I think that's added temporarily by her." Takahashi Eri explained.

"But not everyone is hostile to the Chinese people. Thank you today, Mo-san and Xing-san." then she bowed deeply.

"Right, why are they bullying you? Why don't you tell the teacher, why not tell your parents?" Xing Zhipeng couldn't help but ask. "The most important thing is... why don't you fight back?"

"This..." Takahashi Eri seemed to be reluctant to talk about it, and she refuses to say it. Mo Shaoqing thoughtfully stopped Xing Zhipeng's questioning, and footsteps came from behind them.

The three turned to look, "Hello, I am the student council president, Suzuki Rin. What happened here?" There were few girls who followed this president behind.

TN: Xing Zhipeng is the best buddy (one of my favorite), sadly he didn't appear after they graduated from high school

[1] The dragon can't overwhelm the snake: a local gangster who is above the law

[2] This is already in English, but the author didn't gave 'space' in each word, “Whatareyoudoing?”, it's look funny when you read the raw

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