Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 16: Shooting

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"I agree." Mo Shaoqing blurted out with his mouth first before his brain.

"Very good!" the director patted his shoulder and prepared a postman cap (originally used by men) for him to used as a school uniform to strengthen the age's effect.

He was 17 years old and his role was 15 years old. The gap was not very big. The makeup artist originally wanted to give him powder, but it turned out that Mo Shaoqing himself had fair skin and was very handsome, and finally just drew an eyebrow for him.

His first acting was the film's first laugh point, but his scene was temporarily added, so the director doesn't give him a specific person or character name. This scene happened when the heroine had just crossed. She woke up from her chair and couldn’t figure out the situation. She was confessed by the character played by Mo Shaoqing. Because the woman doesn't know that she had crossed, so the confession was very baffling, and she gave Mo Shaoqing a good education.

The actress was older than Mo Shaoqing, and the scene needed to be spoken in the tone of a middle-aged woman, so her acting skills were very prominent.

Ishihara Anna felt this young boy who could be her son was very funny. She took him to the woods to express her feelings to him. She pretended to be an elder and gave him a meaningful education. The boy in front of her was ashamed to run away and she was satisfied. Only to find out that she was being called by a girl not far from her.... and the boy just called her "Chiba-san"....

"Cut—— very good." the director was satisfied to call it off. In fact, from beginning to end, he only had two sentences, that was, "Chiba-san, please come with me." and "Chiba-san, I like you. Please, go out with me.", then the rest was the heroine lines. After the scene was over, a few close-up shots were taken and finished.

"How? It's not difficult. I think you're great!" Surprisingly, Director Yazawa was very kind, afraid that Mo Shaoqing couldn't adapt and come to comfort him.

"It's good, I think it's quite simple, but I have a little stupid idea..."

"Oh? What is it? Tell me about it." Yazawa Makoto raised his eyebrows and asked with interest. In fact, he was a little dissatisfied with the scene that was temporarily added, mainly reflected in the picture, so he was very interested in the suggestion made by this young man in front of him. After Mo Shaoqing said what he thoughts, Yazawa Makoto was thinking about it and immediately ordered a remake.

In fact, Mo Shaoqing’s idea was very simple. Just how beautiful the flower sea was. Why should we set the scene in this small forest?

Moreover, he remembered that the poster scene of the movie was very fresh. It could be said that the main stage of this love drama was spring, and now the late autumn was a good transition period. The heroine was driven out of her home in such a cold season as late autumn and returned to her hometown to recall the past in such a bleak park. So she must not be in a cold environment after crossing.

So Mo Shaoqing's setting was very simple, he pulled the heroine to the flower sea. The flower sea was so beautiful, and the scene must be very romantic. And the red flower sea symbolized the birth of the heroine, and it could even be implied that the heroine was no longer in the park and she could realize that she had crossed. This idea suddenly hit Yazawa Makoto, and almost agreed without thinking.

So Mo Shaoqing had a classic long shot. He took the heroine and ran to the center of the flower sea. He confessed to her. The original beautiful scene was destroyed by the heroine ignorance, which made the scene suddenly looked funny. No one thought of this scene, it had achieved the iconic of "R Country Movie Run" in R Country movie and television drama.

But it wasn't that easy for this long shot, and it was the first time he knew that the path to run had to be equipped with a rail for the camera. Mo Shaoqing took the heroine to run for several times, too fast or too slow, he had to control his expression while running, because he doesn't know which scene would be cut in, and finally ran until he was exhausted and considered to pass.

Then, Director Yazawa gave Mo Shaoqing another shot, let him use the maple leaves to caressed the heroine's face and awaken the lady. This scene was done mainly at the camera, Mo Shaoqing somewhat not adapted, they shoot back and forth several times before they passed.

Then he only had a farewell scene. After graduating from high school, Mo Shaoqing played the role of going abroad to study. Before leaving, the heroine and his classmates see him off at the station. He once again expressed his love for the heroine, but he was rejected. He felt lonely on the tram and the door was closed.

This familiar scene suddenly reminded the heroine of more than twenty years ago, after the college entrance examination, the man's family decided to send him abroad. All the neighbors came to see him before leaving. What the man said to her, she couldn't remember, only remember that the man still left after that... and this time, she shouldn't miss it again, which was a perfect ending to this secret love.

In the end, the director doesn't give a specific name to the character played by Mo Shaoqing, but as a personification named "K" in the diary of the heroine. The first letter of the Roman alphabet from the word "Kaede (Maple)" which symbolized the maple leaf of autumn.

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The director took everyone to the nearest tram station. The stylist fixed Mo Shaoqing’s bangs on his forehead with a hair mask, revealing his smooth forehead, and gave him casual clothes and tried to make him look more mature than the "high school era". The main thing was to shoot his departure and need some interior scenes of the tram. The director had already contacted the nearest film company to shoot the interior scenes.

Mo Shaoqing’s lines were still very simple. It's to greet the students around him. Then the heroine came over and confessed again, then walked into the tram and leave a figure behind.

When Mo Shaoqing's change his clothes, Xing Zhipeng took Zhao Duo into the group performance, left a friendship witness for their journey in his words. Director Yazawa also opened a blind eye and acquiesced.

The shooting scene had been set up, and this part only needed to shoot the side face. Director Yazawa paid attention to the details. Before shooting the flower sea, Mo Shaoqing had to crouch slightly, giving a feeling of a boy who hadn't grow up, and now Mo Shaoqing stood in front of the heroine with his normal height, he's a lot taller than the heroine.

After Mo Shaoqing finished his work, the director not only gave him a red envelope with 10,000 yen in it, and especially gave him three coffee vouchers. At this time, the sun was set, Xing Zhipeng had been waiting for him and doesn't play much in the afternoon.

There was also Zhao Duo, although he was silent, but this time he actually had been waiting for him. To be honest, his heart was still very moved.

The park was closed at 4:30 PM. The three of them had no desire to play far away and went to the seaside cafe in the sandy hill area. The coffee shop was facing the sea, opened in a glass house with floor-to-ceiling glass window. Sitting in the open air cafe directly facing the Pacific Ocean, you could see the sea and the sky.

"Wow, it’s so beautiful, really enjoyable ah!" Xing Zhipeng couldn’t help but sighed when he just entered the door.

"Excuse me. Can I get you three drinks?" the waiter took them to the window with great enthusiasm. There were not many people in the cafe, and their classmates were busy playing around.

"I'll have a cappuccino, tiramisu, this one wants Americano, a cheesecake, as for..." Zhao Duo was awkward when he arrived, he still doesn't know each other for so long!

"I'll just have a cup of tea and a simple meal." Zhao Duo naturally alleviated his embarrassment.

"Thank you both for being with me today."

"All are brothers!" Xing Zhipeng answered and looked at Zhao Duo, he and Mo Shaoqing were good friends, then what about Zhao Duo?

"En." Zhao Duo was directly answered with a short and simple answer.

"Right, buddy, which school are you in N City?"

"Me? N City Foreign Language High School!"

"Wow!" Mo Shaoqing admired him, he was only a student of an ordinary high school in his previous life, this world was restricted by the region, although it's an emphasis high school, but it’s inferior to the famous N City Foreign Language High School! "The enrolment rate to universities in China or abroad is very high. Which university do you plan to take?"

"I have planned to take the military academy since I was a child and contribute a little to my country." When it came to dreams, Zhao Duo became very shy.

This also proved Mo Shaoqing's previous thoughts, that the boy may actually be some three generations! Sure enough, there were too many people in this world with a high starting point. He was so small when reborn. It seemed that he still needed to work harder.

The next morning, Mo Shaoqing, Xing Zhipeng and Zhao Duo rushed straight to the amusement theme park—— where the popular Ferris wheel, Kappa house, carousel, forest roller coaster... Mo Shaoqing never went to the amusement theme park, this time he got what he wanted.

After the fun, everyone took the bus to the next stop. Although everyone couldn't forget it, but when the teacher said that the next stop was Mount Fuji, everyone got excited again.

Mount Fuji was the highest mountain in R Country and a symbol of R Country. It's a dormant volcano that spaned Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture. Shizuoka and Yamanashi were a bit far from Ibaraki, and everyone took the bus after an afternoon to reach the hotel at the foot of Mount Fuji.

Although they failed to take the trip to Hokkaido and Hakone, but the hot springs in Mount Fuji were also famous, but it's disappointing that the school only booked an ordinary hotel for them. In the evening, Xing Zhipeng unwillingly persuaded Mo Shaoqing to go out to soak in hot spring. Mo Shaoqing, who failed to resist the temptation, agreed. Originally, Mo Shaoqing planned to go to a small spa hotel, but Xing Zhipeng meant to go to the most famous hot spring hotel to live up to this trip. Mo Shaoqing left to think about it, and finally decided to grinded his teeth.


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