Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 15: Movie

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It was said that Mo Shaoqing was a bit facial-blind, but the boy in front of him was absolutely an unforgettable type. Suzuki Rin had very handsome looks, straight eyebrows which slanted upwards, a pair of phoenix eyes with a polite and alienated smile.

"Excuse me, what just happened here?" he repeated it again, and there was a threat in his words that could not be resisted.

"Hey, you are the student council president, why..." Xing Zhipeng heard something wrong words in his words, Mo Shaoqing stopped him before he finished.

"We don't mean to offend, but when it comes to bullying like this, I think everyone has the responsibility!" he said in R language. After finishing his words, Mo Shaoqing did not accuse who was right or wrong. He didn’t say who was bullying, but it was clear that his words had an effect, and the situation was clear at the moment.

"Aoi? Are you lying to me?" Suzuki Rin frowned, and the atmosphere suddenly dropped.

"No, brother, Takahashi she..." one of the girls wanted to say something, but Suzuki Rin interrupted her.

"Apologize, I don't want to say it again."

"I'm sorry, Takahashi." Suzuki Aoi unwilling to apologize, and there was no sincerity.

But Suzuki Rin didn't care, his mouth raised into a beautiful curve and continue to Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng, "Guests from afar, we let you see the joke. Where are you going next? Do I have the honor to show you around?"

"We don't dare to bother you. Let's go!" Mo Shaoqing instinct said that this boy was somewhat dangerous. He took Xing Zhipeng and Takahashi and left.

"MoーShaoーQing?" Suzuki Rin standing in the same place and his mouth spit out standard Chinese language. The corner of his mouth raised with a smile of interest.

In the afternoon, forty students gathered together to follow the second year class in the big classroom for a home economics class and tea ceremony. Coincidentally, they met Fujita Ichiro and Takahashi Eri at the class, and it turned out that the two were a classmate.

In Home Economics class, Mo Shaoqing once again took the lead. He simply made a roast chicken leg and ordinary tomato pasta with the ingredients from his space, but the smell lingered in the classroom. The students gathered around to taste. Takahashi squinted her eyes, "Oishii (It's delicious)!"

"Well, my buddy, you keep it secret! I didn't know you had itー I never had one." Xing Zhipeng accused him as he wolfed down the chicken leg.

"Come on, aren't you eating it? You can't stop your mouth from eating, Takahashi didn't eat, you leave some for her!"

On one side, Takahashi looked at the two people enviously, "You have a good relationship and are best friends with each other."

"You will have it too, you have to believe in yourself! Ganbatte (good luck)." Mo Shaoqing encouraged her.

"Yes, I will. Thank you!" Takahashi finally revealed one of her most brilliant smiles.

Today was Friday. After two classes on the school day, many students were going to take advantage of the weekend. Fujita Ichiro sent Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng outside the school.

"I'm really glad to meet you, Mo-san and Xing-san. I don't know if we can meet again."

"Yes." Mo Shaoqing regretted that there was no app that could make friends. After all, smartphones were not popular now, and it would be better in two years.

Zhao Duo called both of them to get on the bus. Before leaving, Mo Shaoqing recited a sentenceー goodbye to the spring.

Suddenly there was a voice coming from behind. The two men turned back and found that Takahashi Eri was running towards them. Her face was flushed. Takahashi Eri gave Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng a gift.

"This is for you, thank you both. I hope to have a chance to see you again, thank you." after bowing, she ran away with a red face.

Mo Shaoqing suddenly remembered that Takahashi and Fujita were a classmate, so they told Fujita to take care of Takahashi before leaving. When the bus started, Mo Shaoqing found that Fujita was still waving in the same place. Takahashi who had just run away was now stood beside him, and his heart was inexplicably moved. "You go back! Goodbye!"

But he unconsciously glanced at the corner of the building, two figures greeted his eyesー Watanabe Ayaka and Suzuki Rin? Why were the two of them together? Mo Shaoqing was puzzled. The student council vice president also not simple. Both of them looked at him with a look that Mo Shaoqing could not understand. Oh my God, what the hell did I do? But maybe I'll never see them again in my life. Who cares? Mo Shaoqing didn't care.

After came back from school, Mo Shaoqing lamented a lot. In terms of club activities, Haruhi High School was indeed much stronger than domestic high schools. In addition, they also get along with each other, the simple kind of Fujita Ichiro, the grateful Takahashi Eri, and the arrogant Watanabe Ayaka, and of course the unfathomable Suzuki Rin. He didn't expect to know so many people in just two days since he came here.

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The fourth day of R Country study tour was to go to the seaside park in Ibaraki Prefecture. Everyone was reluctant to leave the homestay for two days, everyone was a bit sad. The grandma and the grandpa prepared their breakfast in the early morning. Sandwiches, fruits and drinks. They also sent blessings and gave wisteria flower seeds to several people, so Mo Shaoqing was very touched. He thought if there was still a chance to come to R Country, he would definitely come again to visit them.

Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture was very beautiful and very famous. And this time the school gave them a full and a half-day to play here.

The seaside park had playgrounds, forests, cafes and other attractions, among these, the flower sea was the most famous. The most beautiful flower season had two time periods, one was from the end of April to the end of May, there would be a graceful blue butterfly flower blooming and the blue sky. The flower sea and the blue sky were connected, made you fell into a dreamy blue world. The other was late autumn, which was now.

Every summer broom grass was planted. At first, they were green, then pink and green mixed, and finally they would show a vivid deep red in autumn. Of course, there were cosmos fluttered in the wind.

Although Mo Shaoqing missed the most beautiful season in May but ushered in the orange and red world. Red was the color that Huaxia people think was the most festive. In the autumn when everything withered, you could see such beautiful scenery, and the boys and the girls cheered.

The point was it's not a holiday now, so there were not many people in the park, they could take pictures as much as they like.

However, before the free activities, some people stopped the leading teacher, the flowers sea obviously in front of their eyes, but at this time they had to be stopped. Mo Shaoqing was simply scratched his heart and lung!

But soon the teacher came to explain it to everyone. The person who stopped them was a movie director. He was shooting nearby, and suddenly saw a group of students in uniform entered the park, which inspired him, so he boldly invited everyone to come in. Heard this news, everyone was interested. Anyway, the flower sea would not run. Participated in the movie could be said to be a rare experience.

The director took everyone to a small forest and arranged for everyone to stand and walk after the shooting started, but when he arranged for Mo Shaoqing, he stunned again, and then he called the teacher and said something to him. The leading teacher frowned and expressed his willingness to discuss it.

"Mo Shaoqing, would you like to shoot this movie?"

"Ahー me?" Mo Shaoqing didn't expect this. He pointed to himself, the director across him affirmatively nodded to him.

"Exactly it's two scenes, just two appearances."

"Uh... well, I haven't acted, I don’t know anything ah! Do you really want me?" Mo Shaoqing scratched his head, still shocked by the news.

"It's okay, just think this as an experience! If you don't like it, I'll turn it down for you." the teacher reassured.

"What kind of movie is this? What is it? Can I enter the play?" Xing Zhipeng expressed a strong interest.

"This is my first time to write and direct a movie called "Youthful Autumn", which is about..." the director explained.

This time, Mo Shaoqing was completely shocked. If he did not misheard, the movie called "Youthful Autumn", in Huaxia was translated as "Incredible Autumn". It was popular for a long time in his college years. Now it's still not popular, so "Youthful Autumn" could be said to have created the R Country to cross the river.

The movie told about a 45 years old middle-aged woman, Ishihara Anna (Chiba Anna) [1] suffered a series of misfortunes, such as being driven out of the house and contact an illness. After learning that her divorced husband was derailed, she returned to her hometown. Recalling the past in the park bench chair, but when she woke up, she found that she traveled back time, the most realistic way of life to made people laugh and cry.

Once the movie was broadcasted, the movie became popular all over the country. The style of the movie was fresh and elegant, and the soundtrack was exquisite and touching. The retro-style was easily to let people think of first love. Even many young men and women in China bought it.

The actress won the Best Actress at Tokyo Film Festival with this movie, and the movie also won a very famous film festival of the Best Foreign Language Movie. Make the unnamed director become a famous producerー Yazawa Makoto.

At that time, Mo Shaoqing was just a poor boy who had no money to watch movies, so he did not know where the movie was filmed. Was this an advantage brought by rebirth? He knew that this movie would be a big hit. God, was he going to change the history? Would he witness the birth of a classic movie and the rise of a famous producer? Although he was a 30 years old adult, he still couldn't calm down at the moment ah!


Hitachi Seaside Park



[1] Chinese usually call their fellow students with 'classmate' after their surname. Japanese usually use '-san' after their name. But I use Chinese suffix here :)

[2] Original is 石原杏奈(千叶杏奈), any better suggestion?

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