Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 13: Tour

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The counselor [1] said that Kasukabe City was rich in wisteria and famous for its "wisteria street". The comic book Crayon Shinchan created by the famous cartoonist Usui Yoshito also took this place as the background, and the students were cheered.

But soon the teacher broke the students' fantasies. It turned out that Kasukabe City wasn't Crayon Shinchan's residence, but they could buy some souvenirs, which was considered to soothe the student's hearts.

They're going to Haruhi Private High School [2], a famous aristocratic private school in the local area. It's a private school and basically a boarding system. Campus festivals were held on the school, and the school was beautifully decorated everywhere.

In order to welcome them, the school held a welcoming party, the boys and girls seat was separated by a small aisle in the middle. When they arrived at the auditorium, Mo Shaoqing felt that the people in the auditorium had turned their eyes to them. He suddenly understood that Xing Zhipeng had just tidy his hairstyle and clothes for a while because there were obviously more girls in this school.

But the girls were wearing knee-length skirts, black stockings, and both men and women were dressed in black suits, not the cute sailor uniform like in the anime. When they entered the auditorium, several beautiful and lovely girls on the stage began to sing the traditional folk songs of R Country.

It's likely the school often held such events. After the song was over, the boy and girl hosts invite them to the stage with great enthusiasm. Fortunately, the stage was big enough, and then the principal spoke to the teacher. But he spoke so quickly and Mo Shaoqing doesn't understand.

But soon he understood. Because some students pushed three pianos. This was a good relationship between the counselor and Haruhi Private High School, so several people were prepared. Originally their school was rehearsing a big scene similar to a symphony program.

But did not expect to be divided into 32 teams after coming to N City, and randomly formed four large teams. Last night, the teacher asked them if they could play an instrument. As a result, several of them were selected, including Mo Shaoqing, Xing Zhipeng and Zhao Duo.

The teacher arranged for them to perform a song known to the most foreigners, "Liang Zhu"[3]. The song "Liang Zhu" which could be played by saxophone, violin and piano, but several of them have never rehearsed together, so Mo Shaoqing was very nervous when he sat in the chair.

When the stage lighting was turned on, Mo Shaoqing gradually couldn't see the pair of eyes in the ground, at a glance there was only black masses. A few people look at each otherー at the beginning, the wonderful and melody of the piano blew out from Mo Shaoqing's fingers, like a faint stream flowing through the heart, soft and quiet, gentle and comfortable. Mo Shaoqing kept his eyes on the music score for a moment, afraid of making any mistakes, but he gradually became more and more engaged, and he ignored the eyes of others and was absorbed in the music. When the music was over, Mo Shaoqing felt like as if woke up from a dream, he stood up and bowed.

Forty people were arranged to watch the show in the first row, followed by traditional music, and judo performance next. The boys were boiled with blood, and then the girls in the kimono slowly walked out and showed the beauty of kimono.

The last program was a girl singing solo, it seemed to be a foreign language, Mo Shaoqing doesn't understand very well, in short, not R Country nor the language of B Country[4].

After the performance, the girl said a lot of words on the stage. Mo Shaoqing only vaguely heard the "piano", "handsome", "welcome" and "performance" or something. It was not as he had imagined it, and when all eyes were turned on him, including Xing Zhipeng, who was always slow looked at Mo Shaoqing. He felt as if he had been driven to Liangshan Mountain [5] without knowing it.

The girl on the stage was still talking about something, very modest, and there was cheering applause from behind Mo Shaoqing. Even Xing Zhipeng started to make a fuss. He shouted that he must sing a foreign language song. Everyone couldn't understand that, couldn't let R Country people be superior.

Mo Shaoqing couldn't hear clearly. He was very nervous, just finished playing the piano and already sweating all over, now he could only move slowly from the stage.

Fortunately, the lights on the stage were so bright that the people underground could hardly see. "May I ask your name for a moment?" the girl blurted out in Chinese and handed him a microphone.

Mo Shaoqing surprised. Was R Country high school so powerful? They could speak so many languages. After taking the microphone, Mo Shaoqing first told his name in Chinese, and then he introduced his name, birthplace and so on to the following students in R Country language.

While talking, he thought about the countermeasures. He knew how to sing English songs, but these songs would be popular all over the world in the next few years. In addition, an English song may not be able to keep up with the girl. A song in his mind flash across, and Mo Shaoqing had blurted outー

"Apple and pear trees were a-blooming,

Mist on the river floating

The girl sang a wonderful song

She is singing the eagle of the grassland

She is singing for her loved one

She also has a letter from her lover."

"Katyusha"[6] had a fast and simple rhythm, and the melody was simple and smooth. There were some echoes, and the backstage also sang along with the musical instruments. Mo Shaoqing finished singing, and thunderous applause came from below.

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After the performance ended smoothly, the school principal gave them a grand welcome to them and asked them kindly whether they had any favorite activities. They could follow the student council representatives to the club to participate in the activities. Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng chose the fencing club.

"Mo Shaoqing, you're not being nice ah! You can sing E Country songs, you not even tell me." After he stepped down, Xing Zhipeng hugged Mo Shaoqing.

However, although this was a love song, it's a song of World War II. He doesn't knew what R Country students would think. As it turned out that he was worried. After leaving the auditorium, many girls invited both of them to join the class. Mo Shaoqing repeatedly refused, there were still many girls who not gave up.

Fortunately, a boy rushed into the crowd, rescued them and took them to the club.

"Hello, my name is Fujita Ichiro, a member of the student council, I will take you to Fencing Club."

"Hello, my name is Xing Zhipeng, this is Mo Shaoqing."

"I know, I know. Mo-san's piano play is very good, singing is also very nice." The big boy in front of him scratched his head shyly.

Xing Zhipeng was very talkative. When he walked to the fencing club, the two people basically chatted livelily. Mo Shaoqing also got the information he wanted to know. For example, the girl called Watanabe Ayaka, who was the vice president of the student council. No wonder she was not simple, Mo Shaoqing thought.

At the fencing club, Fujita Ichiro put them on the fencing protective gear and taught them the rules of the game: in fencing competitions, man and woman had foil, epee and rapier, with individual and team competitions.

The requirement of fencing was to use the tip of the sword to strike the opponent, and the tip of the sword must be clearly and accurately stabbed in the effective part and has the quality to stab. After some teaching, Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng began to practice, they play too much and the two were dripping with sweat.

Then, Fujita Ichiro took two people to visit other clubs, letting Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng open their eyes. Fujita Ichiro was very kind. In the beginning, he was somewhat cautious. After a long time, he found that he was also very talkative and changed Mo Shaoqing’s impression of R Country people stereotypes.

Mo Shaoqing had a good harvest this afternoon. After visiting the club, it was getting late, but the school festival still very lively. The lanterns of the R Country were hung on the road. Everyone wore various kinds of clothes. Some people wear school uniforms and some wear colored yukata, and some people playing cosplay.

The stalls were crowded. Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng bought takoyaki, crepes and ice cream, and visited the haunted house. Although there was no real horror in the haunted house, it was full of laughter.

Then Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng were dragged by several girls to maid cafe, because they are foreigners, not only free of charge, but they also enjoyed tiramisu for dessert.

On the way back to the homestay, Wang Xuena who was finally met with Mo Shaoqing, said excitedly, "Mo Shaoqing, you are so amazing, you know? Today you're performing on stage like a piano prince." Mo Shaoqing somewhat embarrassed, Wang Xuena still wanted to say something, seeing Mo Shaoqing's seemed to lack interest, she had to shut up.

The homestay's grandma had already prepared dinner. However, they ate a lot of snacks on the school booths, such as Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng, which couldn't eat more. But looked at the grandma's eager eyes, the two still eat a bowl of rice and tea, not to mention that it was light and refreshing.

After returning to the room, Mo Shaoqing found that the three beds had been laid with quilts, two new towels and some toiletries on the pillows. He sighed at the grandma's mind. After washing, he automatically picked the innermost bed. By the bed inside, Xing Zhipeng always slept wherever he went, so he slept in the middle. Zhao Duo came back with only one outermost bed.

Mo Shaoqing was exhausted. This afternoon, the heart jumped up and down from time to time and fell asleep as soon as he got into the bed. A night without dream, the next morning, Mo Shaoqing woke up in a daze, and some did not know where he was, and when he saw the surrounding, he realized that he was in the homestay.

After looked at the watch, he found that it was already seven o'clock. Eight o'clock was the gathering time. He woke Xing Zhipeng who was still asleep and didn't found Zhao Duo figure who was sleeping at the outermost. More than that, the quilt was also folded into tofu lump, which made Mo Shaoqing have some guesses.

[1] The counselor (领队老师) here is the school counselor

[2] Haruhi Private High School: Original is 春日私立高中, I use kanji romanized here

[3] Liang Zhu (梁祝): The Butterfly Lovers, a Chinese folktale

[4] R/B Country, most C Novel use these kinds of 'code' instead country name, I know R Country is Japan, M Country is USA, I don't know more than that, but I suspect B Country also from Asia, HELP!!

[5] Driven to Liangshan Mountain (逼上梁山): force; be driven to drastic alternatives; be driven to revolt; be forced to do something desperate; be forced to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels -- be compelled to do something against one's will; compel sb. to go to extremes; Despair gives cour

[6] Katyusha (Катюша/喀秋莎) is a Russian folk song, I use directly from the C novel

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