Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 12: R Country

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Narita Airport, Chiba Prefecture

At noon, Mo Shaoqing and the other just got off the plane and attracted the attention of most airport tourists. One hundred and sixty people went to the hotel by bus in four groups. Fortunately, Xing Zhipeng finally could sit with him this time.

Along the way, Mo Shaoqing also figured out the character of the five people in the group. Wang Xuena was undoubtedly one of the girls that Mo Shaoqing doesn't like. So in order not to cause trouble, it's better to separate from her.

Zhao Xiaoru was quiet and introverted. Tian Xinyu was a butterfly-like figure, able to talk, and seemed to like Wang Xuena. Zhao Duo was a very serious person.

It's really good to sit with familiar people. Xing Zhipeng obviously checked a lot of information and communicated with Mo Shaoqing, who was sleepy, in a low voice.

After arrived at the hotel, Mo Shaoqing was frightened by the small and pitiful room even though he was ready for it. However, considered that the school has hundreds of people stayed here, this hotel should not be a particularly high-end hotel.

Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng's five-member groups were both three boys and two girls. Because they knew Xing Zhipeng, several people were familiar with him. So when they check-in, Xing Zhipeng and Tian Xinyu, who were in the same room with Mo Shaoqing, changed their positions.

They had already eaten in the airplane, so Mo Shaoqing and Xing Zhipeng called their families, had a rest and were called to the meeting room by the person in charge for a meeting.

Mo Shaoqing was not very upset about the meeting. His enthusiasm for going abroad for the first time was almost gone. Fortunately, the meeting was very brief. Apart from explaining their caution, they only talk about the following itinerary.

In addition to staying in the hotel tonight, the next group would be boarded in the local family. Then the person in charge sent out the itinerary. Seeing the free activity in the afternoon, Mo Shaoqing felt resurrected with full of blood. (TN: after a very tired and tortured, they can finally rest.)

But soon he found that it was too simple. If they leave the hotel, they must take the group as the unit to prevent people from being lost.

Therefore, Xing Zhipeng must stick to Mo Shaoqing to play the role of sticky candy, so that their group could only walk together. After all, they were responsible if someone was lost. So the group of ten people was born. It would be too conspicuous to walk on the street in uniform. Several people went back to change their clothes. (TN: pest; nuisance)

Chiba Prefecture was located in the southeast of R Country's Kanto Region, on the east side of the capital circle, faced the Pacific Ocean in the southeast, bordered on Tokyo Bay in the west, connected with Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture in the northwest, and connected with Ibaraki Prefecture in the north.

The next stop was Saitama Prefecture. Chiba Prefecture had Narita International Airport, large-scale international conference centerー Makuhari Messe, Tokyo Disneyland, LaLaport Toyosu, Mitsui Outlet Park and other large facilities.

Tokyo Disneyland was the place several girls wanted to go most, but it was located in Urayasu, which was far from Narita, so they could only give up helplessly.

Finally, they decided to take a look at Shinsho-ji Temple in Narita. Different from the red building of the Chinese temple, the monastery main gate of this temple was a log colored roof with white walls.

Walking through the monastery main gate, the road was flanked by standard R Country-style lanterns made of stone, as well as exquisite flowers and trees after artificial trimming. There was a small pond on the side, where a group of people scoop up water for blessing, then walked inside, through a gate, that was the Great Pagoda of Peace.

Great Pagoda of Peace was the landmark of Shinsho-ji Temple and the symbol of the people of R Country praying for peace. It's not really a big tower. It's several floors high, with a green glazed tile roof and red gate. The golden crown was shined in the sun. The next step was a beautiful and exquisite fountain garden, and then the next step was a stone path leading to the forest.

Along the tree-lined path, there were beautiful ponds on both sides. The koi in the pond could swim happily without being disturbed by the world. The trickle from the mountains formed a small waterfall. The pond water was very clear, reflected the red maple around, which looked like a painting from a distance. Everywhere was filled with a sense of serenity and tranquility, let people felt the millennium civilization, as if the deep heart had been sublimated.

They took a group photo in front of the R Country-style classical architecture, and went to the places they like separately. Until nightfall, a group of people nearby find a traditional R Country restaurant and ready to eat.

"Isn't it true that the school is full of food and accommodation? Won't you come back to the hotel for dinner tonight?"

"Didn't you see the schedule?" The boy who talked was a student of a N City school.

Looked at everyone's confused face, the boy continued to explain, "The school does cover part of the accommodation, but the accommodation for free activities is not. For example, the last day when we left R Country is free travel, so that day not only does not cover accommodation, but also we need to find the hotel by ourself!"

The schedule meeting was boring, so Mo Shaoqing was secretly dozing off all the way. Obviously, there was more than one person like him. Everyone was shocked to hear the news.

The school used to organize more free places to go. Now it has arranged free activities and free travel. Although they could pay for the places they wanted to go, it could also be said to give everyone a financial burden. Several bad-tempered boys had already scolded them.

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A journey to the restaurant scared the sushi chef, but fortunately everyone was like a student, so soon an old lady arranged for them to sit in.

The restaurant was very small, and there was basically no other place for other guests. They also crowded with each other, sat at the service desk and watched the chef make sushi himself. They had to say that this kind of experience was quite special.

The old lady took the menu and ordered food for everyone. She knew they were a foreigner, and she also made gestures to introduce everyone. At this time, the school's training would play a role, and everyone started to order food with all their mouths open.

Xing Zhipeng ordered a pork ramen and fried dumplings, and Mo Shaoqing ordered a famous tonkotsu ramen with matcha almond tofu pudding and hot spring eggs.

At this time, he felt that R Country ramen was really very meticulous. How many scallions, how many noodles, how thick the noodles could be requested, which made Mo Shaoqing learned a lot.

After ordering, Wang Xuena whispered, "Why are the things in this tourist attraction so expensive? R Country is no exception. I ordered an eel rice for 1300 yen, which is too much!" Wang xuena said discontentedly.

"Yes, yes!" Tian Xinyu replied.

"No, there are more than one meal in R Country, as well as salad and flavored soup. Ramen soup base is also made fresh every day. It's said that every ramen shop with history has its own unique recipe..." The one who spoke was a girl from Xing Zhipeng's group, named An Keke. She looked very decent and had a very cultured conversation. Because she had been to R Country before, she was explaining all the way.

"Oh, as much as you know." Wang Xuena sniffed and whispered.

Mo Shaoqing's eyes were soon attracted by the food. No matter what they said, the ramen he ordered was more beautiful than expected. There were not only scallions and dried bamboo shoots on his ramen, but also pieces of seaweed slanted into the sliced eggs.

Xing Zhipeng's ramen looked better to eat. The fat and thin barbecued pork was poured with a thick layer of sesame seeds, and the same with the boiled egg and nori. The almond tofu was rich with matcha fragrance, and the taste was as refreshing as pudding. The fried dumplings were included with guoba, with many skin-wrapped meat, fresh and juicy. They were very crispy just fried. (TN: scorched rice at the bottom of the pan)

After a good meal, a group of people could not walk on the road. They took the tram back to the hotel and stayed for the next day. They took the bus to go to Saitama Prefecture, the neighboring county. Along the way, the rural scenery of R Country was an eye-opener. The school arranged for Mo Shaoqing's five-member group to board in a rural family in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture.

"What? We are here to study, not to experience life." Wang Xuena was sleeping all the way. She was naturally dissatisfied with the news. But soon she shut up.

The countryside of R Country was very different from that of China. The ridges and paths were also asphalt roads. There were no chickens and ducks running around, so it felt very clean. Every house was a small villa with a small garden, and it's full of vitality. Because of frequent earthquakes in R Country, most buildings were made of wood.

The traditional R Country houses they want to live in were very clean and exquisitely located on a small hillside. The creek in front of the house was clear and transparent. Groups of small fish flowed upstream. All kinds of animals could be seen everywhere. From afar, there was terracing. The cute scarecrow was flying in the wind. The forest in the distance was very dense, which was called the paradise of the world.

At the door stood a kind old couple running to meet them. The old grandfather and the old grandmother were wearing brown kimonos. Although their hair was gray and old, they were all very energetic. As they walked toward the door, they kept talking about how they suffered on their way, let Mo Shaoqing also very embarrassed.

The interior of the room had a very traditional style, shoes were changed at the door, there was a tatami table inside, and R Country ancient paintings were hung on the wall. Mo Shaoqing and other three boys were arranged on the first floor, and the other two girls were arranged on the second floor. Open the sliding door, there was a view of the landscape. There were three bedding in it. Several people bowed to the grandfather to thank him and put some simple clothes away.

The grandmother had prepared today's lunch. The dishes include tempura fried shrimps, fried saury, tofu miso soup, all placed in delicate small bowls and small plates. There was also a chicken curry rice as the main food in front of everyone. The grandmother also made dessert for everyone. To express before eat and drink, Before the meal, they certainly must said "itadakimasu" (I dig in (eating)).

After the lunch break, the group came to a local middle school for communication with the leading teacher. Mo Shaoqing came to the school to know that 160 of them were divided into four groups and went to four different middle schools. The middle school they came to was a private middle school, which had more activities than the public middle school. Now there was a festival at the school.


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