Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 11: Studying Abroad

Since the last order, there had been no following order. Mo Shaoqing regretted it for a long time, but he still had to live on. After his successful promotion to the third year of high school, the pressure increased. In the morning, class time was half an hour in advance, and school hours were postponed for half an hour, but the break time did not increase. Despite that, an art student like Mo Shaoqing couldn't bear it. Fortunately, his cultural class was not bad, so he was not worried about this aspect.

On the third year, some basic activities of the school stopped tacitly, such as sports meetings, music festivals, Christmas parties, New Year's party and the like. Of course, some activities would be added correspondingly, such as the extension of supplementary classes time. In this way, the weekend time was deprived of one day for free.

However, it never occurred that before long, the Education Bureau suddenly ordered rectification and did not allow schools to do supplementary classes again. In addition, they also required schools to actively develop decompression activities.

But there were policies on the one hand and countermeasures on the other. As a prestigious high school, how could they not arrange for supplementary classes? So the education took out the star rated school as a promotional stunt, so that all the colleges and universities suspended the supplementary classes.

Y City Senior High School was a three-star school. In order to obtain a higher star level, the school had held many big and small activities, in order to show a false image of teaching and entertainment. But the false image was a false image after all. Under the eye of the Education Bureau, the school had not been rated as a higher star.

This year, the school had used its trump card to send exchange students. As soon as the news was released, the entire school exploded. Everywhere, it was the students who discussed the exchange students. After all, in addition to the rich children of the international class, most of the students were from ordinary families, and few of them had been abroad. And this time it's public expense to go abroad!

This was also discussed at lunch. Xing Zhipeng was very interested in it. He's talking about exchange students all the time. Han Ziyi was not interested in it, but his character was originally like this.

"Ziyi, don't you want to go abroad to relax?"

"Troublesome, don't want to go." It's concise and clear, and it's really the great god style.

"Oh, it's so good that Ziyi doesn't go. If he does, will there be any chance for us?" Xing Zhipeng looked at Mo Shaoqing with a smirk.

After returning home in the evening, Mo Shaoqing discussed the study abroad with his family. Although Mother Mo ten thousand not felt reassured to her son, she knew that studying abroad would be more beneficial to her son. This was the advantage of the teacher's family. People in the family were far away, so they were very supportive of him to participate in the registration competition.

Different from Xing Zhipeng's simple desire to travel, Mo Shaoqing had gradually found that his advantage of rebirth was weakening, so he wanted to take this opportunity to go abroad, had a long experience, taste the foreign food, and see if it would help for his future restaurants. Not surprisingly, Xing Zhipeng's family agreed with both hands, so they signed up together.

A few days later, the notice came down and poured cold water on Mo Shaoqing, who was full of expectation. It turned out that the school designated the places of study tours as R and H countries for two weeks because of insufficient funds. This frustrated the students who were looking forward to the ten day tour in Europe, but soon they were back on their feet. After all, they were very happy to be able to go out and study abroad.

After signed up, the students with poor grades and those in the arts and science class were selected. The rest of the students need to get the signature of the class leader and the major subjects teachers and the class committee. Mo Shaoqing got it easily.

According to the school's plan, all the places were allocated to the students in the art class, sports class and international class. There were five places in each class, and there were 40 students in the second and third year.

After all, the third year student's time was precious, ordinary arts and science class students really wanted to sign up. Unless they wanted to give up the college entrance examination, they really don’t have that much time to spent.

After the news spread, the students in the liberal arts and science class were complained, saying that the school was biased and things were very noisy. Later, the international class withdrew, the number of places was reduced, the school finally had some funds. After the number of students was determined, the time had reached the end of September.

After the training started, Mo Shaoqing knew that this activity was held together with several middle schools in N City. He didn't know how the school got on this line.

A few days after the training, it was the national day. Based on the school’s principle of not wasting time, the school occupied most of the national day, which made Xing Zhipeng miserable. Not to mention, it's a lot more efficient. The fifty people they selected form a class to start a one-month training, because art students do not had to study at night, so this occupied their time.

The rest of the students in the arts and science classes were all in the top classes. They just sacrifice the time for self-study at night. For these really smart students, they didn't care at all.

In addition to learning the languages of the two countries, there were also cultural knowledge, etiquette and some more. The students in the art class also had to rehearse a performance that could be performed. Fifteen days after the training, ten students who couldn't keep up with the learning progress would be eliminated, so they dare not take the training lightly.

It turned out that Mo Shaoqing was really worried. Most of the students who were eliminated later were from the liberal arts and science class. After the training, the weather began to cooled. The school prepared visas and passports for them.

Then 40 students took the bus to N City. Before leaving Y City, Father and Mother Mo prepared 100000 yen for him. Let him buy what he likes, and no need to save it.

The food and accommodation tickets were prepared by the school so the 100000 yen was undoubtedly a huge sum of money for Mo Shaoqing, and it's only for petty use! But he also knew that R Country was a developed country, and its consumption must be very high.

After arrived in N City, Mo Shaoqing first called his parents and brother to report his safety, and then went to the local school. Seeing the crowd on the playground, Mo Shaoqing knew that there were at least hundreds of people who went abroad this time. He was glad that Han Ziyi didn't come. He hated crowded places.

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After listened to the same lecture on safety knowledge in the auditorium, 160 students were taken to another classroom and divided into five groups according to the school. So he was separated from Xing Zhipeng. Xing Zhipeng went to other groups in tears, and Mo Shaoqing also welcomed his team members.

Fortunately, there was a girl from his own school in the group. Unfortunately, this girl was the class monitor of the first class of liberal arts. Besides knowing her name was Zhao Xiaoru, they were not familiar at all. In addition, there were two boys and one girl from N City's school. After a night's rest in N City, the official day to went abroad finally arrived.

In the past life and this life, it's the first time for Mo Shaoqing to go abroad, so he was so excited that he fell asleep in the middle of the night. N City international airport was very large. Before departure, everyone put on the uniform issued by the school. Maybe the school also knew that the uniform couldn't be used. It's specially prepared to be used to visit the school in R Countryー

All in one navy blue British style, boys were suits with ties, girls were suits with plaid skirts! It had to be said that wearing it also looked exceptionally spirited and upright. Formed a beautiful sight at the airport. And Mo Shaoqing, who held the suit jacket in his arm, was undoubtedly the best one.

"Hello, my name is Wang Xuena, from N City. Nice to meet you." A pretty girl came to Mo Shaoqing.

"Hello, my name is Mo Shaoqing. I'm from Y City." Mo Shaoqing said with a smile.

"After that, we will be a group. Nice to meet you. Do you have QQ? Let's add a contact information!" To be honest, Mo Shaoqing still paid attention to privacy. He doesn't want to add people he doesn't know.

"No..." before he finished, several girls who had been waiting for the opportunity for a long time rushed to him and asked him for QQ or contact information, pushed Wang Xuena out. Finally, Mo Shaoqing said that he didn't have a mobile phone and no QQ, so several girls stopped.

"Hmph, attract bees and butterflies." There was a cold snort on the side, which made Mo Shaoqing looked back. The boy was not tall, and he was a little black. Seeing Mo Shaoqing looking at him, he turned his face to the other side. (TN: attract the opposite sex)

Heaven and earth conscience, he didn't do anything, others asked him to add QQ, how did it become him to attract bees and butterflies! Mo Shaoqing thought. But were the girls now so enthusiastic? But after this, his sense of the boy named Tian Xinyu also plummeted.

After the luggage was checked, they all lined up to the customs. After the security check, R Country airlines arrived on time. After they boarded the plane and fastened their seat belts, Mo Shaoqing took out his eyes mask from his bag and prepared to rest. Last night, he was excited and didn't fall asleep until midnight. His eyes couldn't open when he just lined up. When Mo Shaoqing was ready to fall asleep, he heard the voice from the next seats.

"Xiaoru, you are also from Y City Senior High School. Do you know Mo Shaoqing?" It's the voice of Wang Xuena.

"Not very familiar. We are not in the same class."

"Oh, well, I guess so. How much did you bring this time?"

"I didn't bring much. There's not much money to spend anyway."

"Wow, that's a pity. You don't know that R Country is a shopping paradise. Luxury goods are very cheap. That's a pity. We can't go shopping together." Wang Xuena's words were full of pity and contempt.

On the other side, Tian Xinyu said, "Yes, the shoes and bags in R Country are very cheap. I bring 50000 yen this time! Ready to buy."

"Is that right? I also bring 10000 yen! Who makes yen so cheap!" The two person began to chattered.

Mo Shaoqing, who was sitting beside them, was so miserable that he was sleepy but unable to sleep. He turned back and forth. Took off his eyes mask and looked at the two people who were talking with each other. They were really ready to make a noise, but there was a more serious voice on the side, "You two should be quiet. You don't know if you disturb others!"

Immersed in the conversation, the two people finally find that the eyes of their classmates around them were disgusted or angry, and they withdraw their original positions anxiously. At this time, Mo Shaoqing noticed that this boy, who seemed to be in his group, was called Zhao something... Oh! He's called Zhao Duo. Before he saw his cold appearance, he thought it was the kind of person who had nothing to do with himself, but he didn't expect to speak seriously! Zhao duo looked up at Mo Shaoqing, who gave him a grateful look.


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