Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 10: Encounter

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Mo Shaoqing had no manpower after coming to the new class. This time, he could only ask Xing Zhipeng for help. Fortunately, he was reliable enough. He not only helped him find three sports students, but also helped him rent two big trucks and a van.

Mo Shaohong, together with Mo Shaoqing, Sister Wu, Xing Zhipeng, three male classmates and seven others, got on the van and drove all the way to the Donghu. They stopped in an outdoor parking lot. A person in charge had been waiting for a long time. This was a common office dress with exquisite makeup, professional dress and high-heeled shoes. However, Mo Shaoqing was a bit dazzed when he saw these. It seemed that he hasn't greeted such people for a long time. Fortunately, there was also Sister Wu. She was in charge of communicating with her all the way. There was no need for Mo Shaoqing to speak.

Seeing a group of half aged children, the biggest one was a man who looks like "wood". The person in charge also relaxed his attitude and treated them casually. She led a group of people through the garden being renovated, and introduced them to everyone, with a bit of arrogance.

A group of people came to the main entrance, and the building formally appeared in front of them. In front of it was a large European fountain, surrounded by various ancient Greek figures. Behind it was a European carved iron door, as if they were going to a manor rather than a company. Inside the iron gate, there was only a neatly trimmed round flower bed. Two trucks full of green plants had been parked at the gate of the company.

In fact, this building was not as exaggerated as those high-rise buildings in the capital of China. It had only 30 floors in total. There was a super large electronic display screen on the front, which was playing the advertisement of a foreign hotel. The other three sides of it were tempered glass, which showed beautiful sky blue in the sun. Only one side was LED, which was rolled some English letters. Because it was daytime, it was not clearly seen. From the parking lot, to the lawn garden to the building, including Mo Shaoqing, all the students were stunned.

Of course, Mo Shaoqing was just surprised that someone in Y City could afford to build such a large company. In addition, the gate and the flower bed in the building were really not matched! However, he could only silently whispered in his heart. After all, the owner of the building was their gold master. Other students were amazed at the beautiful shape of the building, which was very unusual in Y City.

"All right, all right, stop watching. Everyone move everything in. Be careful to not drop it." Mo Shaoqing said.

"OK!" At one command, several boys rushed over the person in charge and began to carry the flowers.

Mo Shaoqing went straight into the hall. A cold wind blew. The centralized air conditioner had been turned on in the hall, driving away the sultry autumn heat. As the company had not officially opened, there was no one in the hall except them. Several people went back and forth for more than an hour before they put the flowers and grass neatly in the rest area. Several sports students were exhausted, let alone the weak chicken like Mo Shaoqing.

At this time, the person in charge who had disappeared for a long time stepped on 10cm high-heeled shoes and came here. "Ah, how can you put things here? How can people walk?"

A few teenagers were confused. When they came, Mo Shaoqing told them that they were only here to deliver the goods. "Then you mean..."

"Of course, move it to the work area on each floor!" The person in charge looked inevitable and right.


"Let's not take care of this!" Several teenagers talked about it and finally turned their eyes to their leader, Mo Shaoqing.

"This lady, we are only providing goods, not porters." Mo Shaoqing tried to explain.

"Sure," the person in charge glanced at him, "put it there. I'll move it up." The person in charge prolonged her voice and looked peculiar.

Mo Shaoqing wanted to say something more, but he was stopped by Mo Shaohong. Mo Shaoqing was an adult after all. He knew that the person in charge was only bullying them. She wanted to find a free labor force. After all, they had provided free home delivery service. Even if she was angry, but people had to bow under the eaves, and he was still thinking about the second and the third order.

At last, Mo Shaoqing didn't say anything. Several teenagers discussed it. Xing Zhipeng was in charge of the first floor to the twentieth floor, and Mo Shaoqing and Mo Shaohong were in charge of the 21st floor to the 30th floor. Fortunately, the elevator had been operated, as long as they took the elevator up. But even so, several young men were still very tired.

Before he came, Mo Shaoqing went to the ceramic market to pick out a ceramic flowerpot and replaced the plastic flowerpot to make the plants look more beautiful. He wanted to sell them for a good price. Now he could say that he hoisted his own difficulty.

Several people went upstairs with different elevators, and Mo Shaoqing chose the innermost one. At this time, he found that only the first floor to the 27th floor, the 28th, 29th and 30th floors of the elevator were not shown. Mo Shaoqing watched it again unbelievably. It really didn't! No, it's so miserable. Should he move up the last three floors by himself! He was anxious. After all, there were many plants on each floor. He really wanted to move them up. Maybe they would be abandoned tomorrow. How could he go to school?

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Mo Shaoqing pressed the 27th floor directly, and the elevator reached the 27th floor without any obstacles. On the 27th floor, Mo Shaoqing couldn't wait to find the elevator. Fortunately, there was another elevator at the end of the corridor, which should lead to the 28th floor, 29th floor and 30th floor. Fortunately, fortunately, there were elevators, Mo Shaoqing sighed.

An hour later, Mo Shaoqing went back to the 27th floor breathlessly, found a sofa and lay down. On the 27th floor was a large reception room. On one side was French window which shown Y City. A black leather sofa and coffee table were arranged in order. The original cold and empty lounge, after putting some plants, added some vitality.

Mo Shaoqing found a sofa to had a rest. He didn't had a good rest for this order these days. He had classes during the day, bought all the seeds at night, planted them in the flowerpot after they grew up. This morning, he took the plants to the truck, and just went through the high-intensity handling work. It could be said that he paid a lot of hard work for this order. In the afternoon, the sun happened to be shining on his body. Unconsciously, he fell on the sofa and went to sleep completely.

Tap tap tap...

The footsteps from the corridor interrupted Mo Shaoqing's dream. No, no, he's clearly moved the flowers. Mo Shaoqing suddenly woke up and sat up. He found that he just fell asleep holding the pillow, and the centralized air conditioner was still blowing, everything was the same as before. But the voice in the corridor told himー someone came!

Yes, someone was coming. Was he going to be discovered? Mo Shaoqing doesn't care about anything, so he quickly put the pillow back to its original place and smoothened the wrinkles on the sofa. Then he made an inspection tour. There was nothing wrong, so he rushed to the door.

Ah, it hurt so much. He just opened the glass door, but before he could react, he felt that he had hit a wall of iron, and his forehead and bridge of nose were all hurt. He couldn't help but fall back a few steps, his heel inadvertently raised the carpet and he was tripped to the floor.

He looked up and his eyes were infiltrated by physiological tears, he found that what he just hit was a man! And followed by a large group of people. The first man was dressed in a three-piece silver gray suit. He had a very cold look, the lines were rigid as sculpture, the eyes were deep and profound like sapphire, the implication was not clear, the lips were light and tight, and the body was full of the breath of those people in high position. Mo Shaoqing was sure that he had never seen such a person in his life of 30 years before. Even the second generation of official superiors couldn't compare with the man in front of him. He stared blankly like he was a good for nothing.

Ling Senhao frowned and watched the little guy who hit him fell to the floor. He looked up slightly. Under the black eyelashes, a pair of big, watery eyes looked at him directly. He looked pitiful... yet adorable.

Mo Shaoqing saw the man's lips slightly open, but revealed the standard Chinese language, "Child labor?"

"No, noー" Mo Shaoqing found that the person in charge was also behind the crowd. At this time, the person in charge who followed was also scared and came out to explain with fear.

"Vivian, what's going on?" said the secretary-like man beside him.

"Just to send flowers." Vivian kept blaming herself for being so bewildered that she left them to move things. But it's too late to regret.

When Mo Shaoqing thought that the man in front of him was going to order the person in charge of "stick killing", the man came to him and held out his right hand. Mo Shaoqing, who was bewildered for some reason, reached out and stood up.

After waiting for a group of people to go far away, Mo Shaoqing just woke up like a dream and was relieved. It's really frightening. When he looked at his watch, he actually slept for 20 minutes. But he turned to think, why did he run? He didn't do anything bad. He was silent for a while, and then he planned to go downstairs. He had not taking two steps, his foot kicked something. A long and thin black pen stood out on the bright and clean floor tiles.

This... this thing! It should be the gentleman's just now! Mo Shaoqing quickly picked it up and ran after him, only to find that these people had already gone upstairs. The upstairs was the meeting room, just experienced such an embarrassing thing, at this time, he was not very interested in going upstairs. Forget it, just put it in the receptionist desk!

After Mo Shaoqing went downstairs, he found that everyone had been waiting for him in the lounge, and the payment had already been paid. The charm of money diluted Mo Shaoqing's embarrassment just now. A few people chatted while walking. Finally, Xing Zhipeng asked Mo Shaoqing to treat him, and he agreed. After adding wages to several people and eating barbecue, Mo Shaoqing followed Mo Shaohong back home.

As soon as he got home, Mo Shaoqing could not wait to run to his room, took out the money he had just received and settled it. In addition to the pot money and wages, the net income was more than 10000. Even though he couldn't control it, he still couldn't disguise the smile of the corner of his mouth, he laughed. Mo Shaohong, who was going to ask his brother to eat outside, smiled helplessly and left.

Mo Shaoqing rolled over in excitement on the bed. Suddenly realized that there seemed to be something left undone. Ah, yes, that pen. Suddenly thinking of it, he took the pen out of his pocket. It was found that the pen was not black as he thought it was, but navy.

The pen buckled with beautiful flower English style, the tip was engraved with an English letterー L. As he observed, Mo Shaoqing found the brand, but did not find the style, but the valuation was at least 2000. God, did he made a mistake? In the next few days, Mo Shaoqing went to the Donghu district several times, hoping to return the pen, but the door was closed, and he could only forget about it.


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