Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 9: Orders

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The divorce lawsuit between Li Li'er and Mo Shaohong came to the most important stage. The common property of the husband and wife was divided. Li family knew that this marriage had been irreparable, so it's also compensation for their daughter to place their hope on the husband and wife's common property, share some money or something, or emotional loss.

Let Mo Shaoqing, who knew this matter, be angry to death. He had lived for so many years, met all kinds of people, and never met such a shameless family.

However, Father and Mothe Mo still didn't agree with his request to go to court together. The reason was that he was still a child! At this moment, Mo Shaoqing would like to be 18 years old!

When they learned that the dowry didn't need to be returned, the Li couple was relieved. Let alone 10000 yuan, they didn't want to take out any money.

However, their hopes were doomed to fail. The house belonged to Father Mo, and the car was bought by Mo Shaohong before marriage. Neither of them was the husband and wife's common property. Although the bride price does not need to be returned, Li Li'er's dowry was given by Li family after marriage, which was considered as husband and wife's common property.

It's also thanks to Mother Li. At the beginning, Mother Li was afraid that such a good marriage with Mo family would fall through. She would not give her dowry until her marriage certificate was guaranteed. That's thousands of yuan, one person a half, Mother Li almost fainted after hearing that.

But it's not over yet. Before Mo Shaohong's salary was basically given to Li Li'er. Although Li Li'er was only work in a beauty-treatment clinic, her salary commission was not low. Most of Li Li'er's money was affixed to her mother. Usually, Mo Shaohong's money was used for her extravagant use. Mother Mo also knew that she had been turning a blind eye to this. Now they were going to divorce, so she couldn't took back the money belonged to her son. And now this salary was also the common property of the couple.

They divorced for a month before. It's the end of August now. It's 15 months since the marriage. So Mo family had a total of more than 40000 yuan. This was not a small amount. After heard the news, Mother Li fainted directly in the court. This time, she really fainted.

During this period, Li Li'er still came several times. She still doesn't want to divorce. She had a lot of feelings for Mo Shaohong. What's more, she couldn't find a man with such good conditions after divorce. Mo Shaohong had been soft-hearted, but he couldn't accept Li Li'er's family and didn't want his parents and younger brothers to be hurt because of their family and their children's affairs. This was a gap between them, which could never be filled, and finally he refused.

After that, Mo Shaoqing thought of another prestigious hospital and proved that this hospital was also one of the culprits, so Mo Shaoqing reminded his parents to sue the hospital. Soon the verdict came down. The hospital dismissed Li Li'er's friend and paid 30000 yuan. Before the renovation of the Donghu Residence, Father and Mother Mo's savings were all used up, and the compensation money was used up for them. As for Li Li'er's family, how to live after taking out so much money was beyond Mo Shaoqing's consideration.

All the judgments were over. It's September, Mo Shaoqing has entered the first year of senior high school. The first year of senior high school was very easy for Mo Shaoqing. There was no pressure to go to school because the subjects were simple. The point was that most of the children in prestigious middle schools were studying hard except for a few. In such an environment, even if they wanted to slack off, they couldn't.

In the new school, everything began again. Mo Shaoqing also met several good friends. Before the third day of junior high school, he always felt like an outsider and was out of place with the environment. At the moment, he was really satisfied.

Since taking the space spring water, Mo Shaoqing really grew tall. Besides, his skin was very white. Even the military training didn't make him sunburn, making a group of girls in the class envious and jealous! At this moment, Mo Shaoqing also began to realize that he began to develop. Fortunately, there was no development in that area for the time being, except for his slightly low voice and tall stature.

Mo Shaoqing was quite confident in his appearance. He has never found a boyfriend in his previous life. He has also analyzed the reasons. First, he has a limited circle of communication. It's not that he couldn't see the ordinary working class, but that he doesn't like talking with strangers very much and doesn't know new friends. Second, he was shy. His money was mainly spent on renting, eating, transportation, orphanages, and he does not even prepare interpersonal expenses. Therefore, he has no net friends or bars friends. Third, it's more conservative, so even hang out friends were not. Fourth, it's his inner inferiority. He never dare to take the initiative to took the first step. It's good for him to like someone silently. Therefore, for 30 years ago, he had never been in love.

In short, because Mo Shaoqing was the best, handsome, tall and good-natured. So soon, his reputation spread throughout the school, and the rumors about him had never been broken. After all, in this era where there was no intelligent machine except learning, there seemed to be nothing to attract students' interest except gossip.

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Mo Shaoqing was not affected by these factors. On one hand, the old house was about to be demolished and moved. The family has officially started to renovate the house in Qiangwei Park. On the other hand, he was busy doing business with Sister Wu!

With Mo Shaoqing's supply of goods, Sister Wu's business went up to a higher level. With several flower shops nearby, she was eager to dig people. This person! Of course, it's Mo Shaoqing! However, Sister Wu was a very smart person. She never asked where Mo Shaoqing's goods come from, why they could be delivered to her every weekend, and the flowers were very good all year round. She knew that everyone had their own secret. This reassured Mo Shaoqing. He knew that it's good to do business with smart people. This was the only thing other florists couldn't match.

His business and study was getting busier and busier, which made Mo Shaoqing want to hire people. He found several students in the class with poor family conditions and asked them to help deliver flowers. In this way, he could carry more flowers and plants to Sister Wu, and he didn't have to run out every week. He just paid some hard worker and didn't delay making money to study at all.

When he officially moved into his new home, Mo Shaoqing was a sophomore. He did not hesitate to choose a music class, but also let the teacher regret for a long time. But Mo Shaoqing doesn't think it's a pity. On the contrary, he felt very lucky that he and Han Ziyi, one of the most handsome boys in the school, had become deskmates!

In fact, homosexuality was not as terrible as people believe. For example, Mo Shaoqing liked men, but he couldn't like everyone. Although this does not hinder his appreciation of handsome men, but this kind of appreciation was only for same-sex appreciation. For example, for Han Ziyi, a handsome man who was famous and even better than himself. Mo Shaoqing had kind of admiration and worship for him, and he liked him as an idol.

Han Ziyi was good at cello. He was the only boy in his class who studied cello. He looked exquisite and had a cool temperament. He was like a copy of the male lead in the idol drama. Under Mo Shaoqing's "ingenuity", the two became friends successfully.

At this time, Mo Shaoqing knew that his cool temperament was just an illusion. To sum up, Han Ziyi was lazy. He didn't want to say more about people or things he wasn't interested in. For this answer, Mo Shaoqing couldn't cry or laugh. Should he be happy that he had some charm that could arouse Han Ziyi's interest?

Another boy with a better relationship was Xing Zhipeng, who took the initiative to stick it up on the day of school opening. Xing Zhipeng was extroverted and very outgoing, which Mo Shaoqing always yearned for. He was able to speak and understand. He soon got on with Mo Shaoqing, and then Han Ziyi. The three people ate and studied together. However, Han Ziyi never answered Xing Zhipeng's request to go to the toilet together, and Xing Zhipeng was "wronged" for a long time.

Xing Zhipeng mainly studied saxophone and guitar. Mo Shaoqing wondered why he learned two musical instruments at the same time. In his words, guitar was used to find girls to play. In a word, it's enough to be funny. Where he was, there would always be laughter.

It's possible that the recent life had been so smooth that Mo Shaoqing was a little bit forgetful. When he found that his brother seemed to have something wrong, it's a little late. When the two brothers had a friendly talk, Mo Shaoqing knew the situation.

It turned out that when his brother and sister-in-law divorced and went to court, all the things that the Li family elder couple did were known by all the people there. Everywhere they went, they were all swearing, or pointing. Li family wanted to save a face, and they lost a lot of money. They couldn't live in that place anymore. They decided to move out of the city and live in another place.

Before leaving, Li Li'er came to say goodbye to Mo Shaohong. They were sad to recall the past. However, it's fortunate that Mo Shaohong did not hold her back, but wished her happiness. As for this matter, Mo Shaoqing really doesn't know how to persuade him except when he went out.

In order to exchange secrets, Mo Shaoqing also told his elder brother that he hired his classmates to do business. "Brother, you can do it with me and relax. Anyway, you are free on weekends." Mo Shaohong couldn't stand his younger brother's sugar-coated shell, so he promised, agreed, all promised.

Just then, Sister Wu told him that there was big business. Mo Shaoqing immediately led Mo Shaohong to Sister Wu's flower shop. After arriving at the flower shop, Sister Wu told him that a new office building was being built in Donghu recently, which would soon be completed. It needed a large number of plants that could absorb formaldehyde.

If it's done well for the first time, the flower baskets needed for the company's opening would also be handed over to them. But it's more meaningful than writing, and the demand for plants was also high. She couldn't do it by herself. In recent years, her flower shop's supply came from Mo Shaoqing. She's really embarrassed to be the middleman, so she might as well give the business to Mo Shaoqing this time. She doesn't earn the difference, and she should also pay him back.

In recent years, Mo Shaoqing's business has been a skirmish. For the first time, he received such a formal order. His excitement was beyond the words. After going home, Mo Shaoqing immediately looked up a lot of information. The best plant to absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde was spider plant. In addition, aloe and green dill were also available. Mo Shaoqing also selected ornamental plants such as laceleaf and peace lily, and also selected some large plants to fill the scene, striving to achieve perfection.


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