Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 8: Plan

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Although the lawsuit was not over, Mo family was really relieved. Next, the news that Mo Shaoqing was admitted to the city's prestigious high schools brought a little comfort to the family.

Y City senior high school was one of the top two local high schools, including sports class, art class, music class, international class and normal liberal arts class. Mo Shaoqing has experienced the college entrance examination in his previous life. He has a good score and was not worried about not going to a prestigious university.

But the three years of high school were really hard work. This life was not where he wanted to be. He has his own plan so he doesn't want to waste a little time. He doesn't want to study those popular majors, find a job he doesn't like at all, and earn money to support himself. With his family and dependence in this life, he wanted to be more relaxed.

When filling in the application, Mo Shaoqing expressed his opinions to his parents carefully.

"Have you really decided? You will apply for the music class in the future!" Mo Shaoqing told his family what he thought. He didn't expect to get the approval of his parents at once. If Mother Mo objected, it was normal.

"But it's hard to learn music, and there's no way out. Your piano level is not first-class. It's hard to participate in international performances and become a performer. And learning piano in China is certainly not as good as abroad, but you can't get into a famous piano school like Bates!" Mother Mo was anxious. It seemed that Mo Shaoqing was ready to apply for the college entrance examination!

Mo Shaoqing appeased his anxious mother, "Yes, mom, dad, brother, I always hope to do something I like. The piano is one thing, and I want to open a restaurant." Yes, with the space, he had a vague plan in his mind. And there was room for vegetables, his restaurant would be very popular, he believed that he could make a lot of money to repay his parents and brother.

"As you can see, the economy is getting better and better. There are many foreign restaurants around us, such as KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonald's. No one used to eat them, but now they are all in line. It's enough to prove that people are more willing to spend money on food."

Looking at the thoughtful look of his family, Mo Shaoqing continued, "Besides, our family didn't go to the western restaurant for dinner before. You said that you like cream mushroom soup. Brother said that he wanted to eat pizza, but we didn't eat it. Dad also thinks he's not familiar with steak, so he must eat something else. So why can't we open a restaurant with all kinds of delicious food? If they like Chinese food then eat Chinese food, if they like Western food then eat Western food. Don't think that Chinese food is just a small restaurant or a high-end hotel with fans blowing and only tens of yuan for three or four dishes, listening to the table next door and drinking. What I want to open is a real restaurant. No matter what they eat, they can listen to piano music and enjoy food in a clean environment."

Father and Mother Mo thought that their son was on the spur of the moment, but did not expect that he could say so many ideas. Neither of them knew what to say for a moment. "I don't think it's so unreliable. My son is very amazing. He's smart." Mother Mo's imagination had always been rich. After listened to her son's words, she inevitably had some fantasies.

"Oh, please don't forget what our purpose is." Father Mo glanced at his wife with a speechless expression and rolled his eyes.

"Shaoqing, after this incident, mom and dad know that you have grown up. What you told us that it was really thoughtful. But the music road is really hard to walk, and the restaurant is not as simple as you think. So, on weekends, dad will take you to a friend's restaurant." When Father Mo saw his son's perseverance, his wife was also persuaded, and he didn't intend to persuade him. He wanted to show him the difficulties of opening a restaurant and let him go. This was Father Mo's plan.

In the early morning of the next day, Mo Shaoqing went into the space and brought some vegetables out. He went to the market and bought some beef. Then went to the restaurant opened by his father's friend with his father.

"Let's go for a meal. What kind of food do you bring? Dad treats today!"

"What about these dishes? It's for your own use. You'll know then!" Mo Shaoqing blinked at Father Mo and spare no effort.

As the two men walked and discussed, Mo Shaoqing almost talked to Father Mo with his silver tongue. "Your mouth is getting worse, boy. No wonder your mother has been convinced by you!"

"You're not used to me!" Mo Shaoqing complained, said that Father Mo couldn't refute.

The destination was a small roadside restaurant. Father Mo explained, "Don't underestimate the taste of this restaurant." Then he gave a thumbs up. "The most important thing about a restaurant is the taste. Only the gorgeous decoration and the atmosphere, if the dishes are not delicious, the fool will spend money. Of course, in addition to the small couples who are dating, there are rich people who like to spend money. Those people won't enjoy the food."

"Lao Qin, Lao Qin, I've brought my son." He shouted several times, but no response. Father Mo mumbled a few words, directly took him to the kitchen.

Hey, oh boy, it's only eight o'clock in the morning but the kitchen was already buzzing with activity. Father Mo's eyes indicated to his son to watch. Then he went to talk with his old friend. He doesn't know what they talked about. After a while, Father Mo brought a plate of spicy fried clams.

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"Come on, try what your Uncle Qin has made. Every day, he must make a special dish: stir-fried clams with scallion and ginger." Mo Shaoqing took the chopsticks and put a clam in his mouth.

The first reaction was the fresh taste of stir-fried scallion and ginger, and then the aftereffect was spicy. The clam juice is sprayed directly into the mouth, which made people unable to stop.

Looking at his son was eating with interest, Father Mo said, "Uncle Qin has been cooking for more than 20 years. He has been running this restaurant for more than 10 years. They cook two meals in the middle and evening every day. They get up at 4 am without delay. Then they go to the vegetable market to get into the freshest vegetables. When they come back, they make preparations until over 9 am. Prepare dinner until nine o'clock, and prepare for the next day. Son, it's hard to do this job..." Blablabla, he said a lot.

After Mo Shaoqing finished eating and touched his mouth, he focused on his father's speech. Then he pretended to be innocent and said, "But I'm the boss when I open a restaurant. I can hire someone else. Do I have to do grocery shopping myself?"

K.O, Father Mo doesn't know what to say. What he said was wrong, but also correct.

"Ha ha ha ha ha," seeing that his father was hated by himself, Mo Shaoqing immediately made up for it, "I didn't say that I couldn't cook!" Then before Father Mo could react, he went to the kitchen to borrow the pan.

After all, when they first came here, what everyone saw that this was the son of the boss's friend, so they didn't stop him and gave Mo Shaoqing a place. When Father Mo came to the kitchen, Mo Shaoqing was already cutting vegetables skillfully. A group of people thought that seeing the young man cook was very interesting and came to watch.

Mo Shaoqing skillfully cut the beef into strips. Then take out the red and green peppers and cut them into strips. Heated the oil in the pan, stir fry the beef until the color changed and dried it. Then put in the onion, garlic and peppers, stir them with meat and seasoning. Put the meat and salt to taste. Then continue to stir fry and brought it out of the pan. Throughout the process, Father Mo was confused. Why didn't he know when his younger son would cook?

In the end, this work could only be handed over to the boss and chef to taste. "The beef is slightly old, but the taste is excellent. It's a side dish. It's not ordinary. Lao Mo, your son is very talented in cooking. Is he interested in learning from me?"

"Screw you! My son is a future genius." Father Mo responded by laughing and swearing, then picked up chopsticks and tasted them carefully. Compared with the delicious food he has eaten, maybe Mo Shaoqing's cooking was not the best, but it surprised Father Mo. Was it true that, as his old friend said, his younger son has a talent for cooking? Then other interested employees came forward to taste, which pushed Father Mo out of the circle.

On the way back, Father Mo still couldn't believe it. He kept changing his way to ask Mo Shaoqing when he would cook. He didn't know that Mo Shaoqing was a self-taught person who lived alone in his previous life. However, Mo Shaoqing has already responded, one by one, but it's not wrong.

After going home, Father Mo informed the family of this "shocking news". Under the suspicion of Mother Mo and brother, Mo Shaoqing just needed to cook the red and green pepper beef shredded again. After tasting Mo Shaoqing's dish, everyone was convinced at last.

"My son is so smart. How can he do anything?" Mother Mo praised him.

"I didn't expect my brother would cook. It's a pity that he didn't open a restaurant." Mo Shaohong was realistic and said that his brother was the best in his eyes.

In fact, Mo Shaoqing knew in his heart what level he was, that was the level of home-made dishes. Everyone thought that he does so well because of the encouragement of family affection and the vegetables produced in the space.

"But what's the use of cooking? I won't lend you the money for the restaurant." Father Mo continued to make things difficult. Mother Mo and brother also looked at Mo Shaoqing with interest to see how he replied.

"I don't have to worry about that. After I go to university, I will work. I can go to the Western restaurant or Chinese restaurant to learn arts or play piano in the restaurant to make money. To be honest with you, in fact, I have a small part-time job making a little money, but I won't tell you." Mo Shaoqing also sold a trick.

Looking at their son's excited appearance, Father and Mother Mo couldn't bear to hit their son. Anyway, chose a class before the second year, and promised him first. Finally, Father and Mother Mo and Mo Shaoqing agreed on three rules: first of all, Mo Shaoqing couldn't regret all the decisions he made; second, no matter whether he opened a restaurant or not, Mo Shaoqing must study hard in high school and try his best in the college entrance examination. Finally, the restaurant business can only be implemented when he about to graduate from university.

Mo Shaoqing naturally agreed to it all. Anyway, there was still one year to go. He was confident that he could persuade his parents. It had no impact on his plan. Maybe it's because the life trajectory was completely different from the previous life. Even if he doesn't know whether he would succeed or failed in the future, he doesn't want to be tied up and tried his best.


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