Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 7: Fractured

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After the high school entrance examination, Mo Shaoqing went on vacation early. In the trust of their son or younger brother, Father and Mother Mo and older brother did not mention his achievements. Although it's summer vacation, Mo Shaohong, Father and Mother Mo still had to go to work. So, after breakfast, only Li Li'er, who was pregnant, and Mo Shaoqing, who had nothing to do, were at home.

At noon, because everyone was eating outside, there was no one in the house. Mo Shaoqing and Li Li'er just need to find something to eat. Li Li'er had prepared a lot of snacks for herself, or just going out with friends.

Mo Shaoqing didn't mention that he could cook. The other doesn't think about him anyway. Two people also had no entertainment, so they could only watch TV in the living room, because they rarely get along alone, Mo Shaoqing thought about the topic for a long time, or there was nothing to say. His eyes were inadvertently turned on Li Li Li'er's stomach, thinking of the baby in her stomach, Mo Shaoqing asked "Sister, I heard that in the four-month the child has been formed, why I didn't see you go for prenatal examination? What about prenatal screening?"

After listening to Mo Shaoqing's words, Li Li'er couldn't help panicking. The original case was still forged by herself. After that, she had never been examined again. She was not really pregnant and doesn't pay attention to it. Mo Shaohong, Father and Mother Mo were busy with their work and renovation, but they forget this.

Li Li'er then realized that she had neglected too many taboos as a pregnant woman. If she hadn't heard from her brother-in-law today, she would have forgotten them completely. If Father and Mother Mo was not very busy, it would have been a tragedy if they found out.

Mo Shaoqing looked at his sister-in-law's face, green and white. He was surprised. "No... It's okay." Li Li'er calmed down and replied, but after all, she felt guilty and her words were agitated. Mo Shaoqing thought it was even more strange. She was not worried about her children at all.

Li Li'er was afraid of Mo Shaoqing's further questions, so she had to take the initiative, "I'll go to the toilet, and you can watch slowly." After said that, she went upstairs. Mo Shaoqing thought it was even more strange. There was a toilet downstairs, but it was strange she had to go back to her room every time. But it's getting hotter and hotter. He doesn't want to stay downstairs. When he saw Li Li'er go, he immediately flashed into the space.

In the evening, Mo Shaoqing went to the neighborhood convenience store to buy things, because everyone in the old neighborhood was very familiar with him, and Aunt Wang's convenience store had been open for nearly 20 years. It used to be a small grocery store, but later it was equipped with an automatic door and cash register, which looked like a convenience store. After collecting the money, Aunt Wang began to talk with Mo Shaoqing. "Shaoqing, is your sister-in-law pregnant? I heard that a few days ago. It's really a good thing. When the time comes, the full moon wine can't be done without I, Aunt Wang!"

"Certainly." Mentioning his nephew or niece, Mo Shaoqing was also very excited. If not expected, they might not have children, so he had great expectations for the children in Li Li'er's stomach. Therefore, Li Li'er careless attitude has always made him angry. "I've probably calculated that I'll be an uncle in less than half a year. I'm really happy to think about it!"

"Hasn't she pregnant for half a year ago?" Asked Aunt Wang strangely.

"Aunt Wang, you are not sure. My sister-in-law has been pregnant for four months." Mo Shaoqing joked.

"How could it be! If it's four months, the stomach won't be small. I saw her two days ago, it's not like she is pregnant. I remember not long ago, she came to me to buy sanitary napkins, but not much. I think it's strange. She asked me to pack it in a black bag for her."

Mo Shaoqing was also an adult man. As soon as he heard it, he knew what it meant. But after all, the relationship between the two person was general, and they spent little time together, so he had no trust in his sister-in-law. Aunt Wang watched him grew up and had a good reputation for many years. There was no need to lie. There were a lot of strange places for his sister-in-law to connect with her actions.

Looking at Mo Shaoqing's silence, Aunt Wang also recalled. It may be a little strange. She explained, "Actually, I'm not sure. That day, the woman wore a mask and wore a lot of clothes. Alas, I'm already old and no good. I maybe see it wrong. Your sister-in-law never buys things here." That's right. Li Li'er always went shopping with her girl-friends. She wouldn't see the small shops in the community. She once said that the things here may be fake and shoddy products.

Mo Shaoqing took the things and thought as he walked. He used to have pregnant female friends. He knew a lot of things. In fact, it was strange to think about his sister-in-law. She had no other pregnancy reaction except for the occasional morning sickness. She was very good at eating, drinking, sleeping and never abstaining from eating. On that day, she said she didn't have a prenatal examination. The next day, the inspection report came. At that time, he didn't paid attention.

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What's more, it's a depressing thing for the family. She hadn't been pregnant for nearly a year since she got married. How could she get pregnant when the demolition announced? If she said she was pregnant by herself, it was fine. But it was her parents who came to their home and they took the initiative to ask for a house. After talking about the house that day and adding a name or something. In fact, everyone was not very comfortable so that he did not dare to compliment his sister-in-law's character.

Sometimes, as long as there was a little clue, other people were easy to guess it. He often thought more far-reaching, the details that were not paid attention to before would emerge in the mind.

In order to find the opportunity, he deliberately found Li Li'er when she went out. He casually found an excuse to go to his brother's room. They had a small bathroom in their room. After Mo Shaoqing went in, he looked at it at will and found something wrong. First, some cosmetics were placed on the dresser at will, which seemed to be commonly used.

Then he went to the bathroom and looked through the drawers. Li Li'er was really careless. She thought her in-laws live downstairs, both of them respect people's privacy and won't enter her room. Mo Shaohong didn't live with her either, Mo Shaoqing even had no reason to enter her room, so the room was always messy and everything was left at will. All of a sudden, Mo Shaoqing saw a bag of opened sanitary napkins.

It's impossible for Mo Shaoqing to think of deceiving himself any more after saw this. His anger was hard to express. They had been cheated for four months. She used such an abominable excuse, and this excuse was to gain property by deceiving them. What's the difference between the swindler and the thief? When he thought of his parents' and older brother's expectations came to nothing, they would be sad after knowing the truth. Mo Shaoqing was somehow powerless in his heart and yet...

However, it's not good to say that she was faking her pregnancy. Although Mo Shaoqing believed it in his heart, he wanted other evidence, not to prevent Li Li'er from being wronged, but to make her completely unable to turn over and stay away from his home.

After that, Mo Shaoqing didn't say anything. He just found an opportunity to go to the convenience store with his mother. Before he went, he greeted Aunt Li. Aunt Li was also a sophisticated person. When she saw this, she felt a little bit more confident. She just wanted to disclose the news.

Mother Mo was also more rational. She said that Aunt Li was wrong, but after she went back, she thought carefully that she never took her daughter-in-law for a prenatal check-up. The other day, she showed the prenatal examination form and said that the child was very good. She didn't say what the doctor told her. She didn't understand the form when she read it. The doctor said it was natural. She really ignored too many details. The next day, Mother Mo asked for leave and went to the hospital.

Mo Shaoqing was also unclear about the process, he only knew that her face was gloomy and terrible when he went home. Mo Shaoqing poured water from upstairs and saw that his parents and older brother were all at home. His older brother was smoking and his face was depressed. Mo Shaoqing knew that everyone now knew this, and that everything had been completely determined. They all had evidence.

Seeing that his older brother who had quit smoking had started smoking again, Mo Shaoqing was angry and resentful. He wished that he could put the inspection sheet on their faces at the moment, ask them where it came from, so that everyone could see the real face of the family. However, it's estimated that it would be on the social news, and the affairs of his family would become the topic of other people after dinner, so he could not do it.

At this time, Li Li'er didn't know about it at all. She thought about a perfect plan for abortion. After discussing the countermeasures with her friends in the hospital, she went home happily.

With Mother Mo's upbringing, she would not let herself spill after knowing this kind of thing. She told the truth calmly, gave Li Li'er's packed luggage to her, told her about the divorce and then drove her out. Even Li Li'er's reaction was crying, apologize and pleading, she would not open the door for her.

How Li Li'er thought that things would fail? She couldn't figure out the reason. After crying for a while, she went back to her mother's house. She thought that although she was wrong, she was just obsessed for a while. Shaohong had been married to her for more than a year, and it's impossible to divorce. It's not good if everyone knew about it. But she didn't know that the relationship between the couple was based on trust.

It didn't take long for the Mo Shaohong's family to make an appointment with Li Li'er's family to discuss the divorce. Li family naturally disagreed. She was their only daughter, and divorce was too much for this matter. A day together as husband and wife meant endless devotion for the rest of their life! The two sides talked for a long time, but Li family didn't yield.

"Your family is shameless. I don't need a weasel to stare at our house at any time, which makes people sleep uneasily. Since you don't agree, please wait for the court summons!" Mother Mo put down her cruel words and took Mo Shaohong and left. During this period, Mo Shaohong repeatedly asked a question, why should she do this to him? How could he not believe that the story of dog blood in such a TV drama would happen to him? (TN: melodramatic)

Soon the two families went to court together, and the court held a mediation. Li Li'er obviously didn't expect Mo family do what they said. When she got home, she wanted to understand that it was not worth the divorce for the house. The house would come sooner or later. She still wanted to live with Mo Shaohong. After the divorce, where would she find such a good husband? The divorced woman was very sad. Li Li'er's eyes were red with tears. She apologized to Mo family and made the mediators felt sorry for her, but they couldn't sympathize with her as soon as they heard the original story. Mo family also understood that when people were in trouble, they were just under too much pressure and were so confused for a while. Li family had a deep mind and could not continue with this marriage. In the end, the court decided to divorce the couple and their relationship had broken.


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