Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 6: Disputes

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After dinner, Mother Li slowly said what she wanted to do, but she was always unambiguous. She just had an appetizer, and now it was the most important thing. "My dear, after the demolition, the matter with the houseー"

Mother Mo doesn't doubt her. She told the couple about their plans. Mother Li heard about it and thought about it carefully before slowly said, "Don't worry about my family's troubles. It's reasonable to say that the house belongs to you. It can't be divided into outsiders like me, but it's not a special situation now. Li'er is just pregnant and can't put all the things about buying a house and choosing a house on Shaohong. He's so busy and he has to buy a house and need to renovate..."

She took a careful look at Father Mo, "After the renovation, you can't move in immediately. Now people are also particular about it. Besides, the demolition money hasn't come down yet. I don't know what year or what month it will be when I'm going to move in. When Li'er's child is born, it will cost a lot of money. Moreover, she has to take care of her child, pay off the loan without stopping, and have to renovate... "

Then the conversation turned, "I'm not saying that I need a lot of houses for the children, as long as there's a place to shelter them from the wind and rain, the hardship of being a parent is not for the sake of children..." Mother Li didn't finish her words, but the meaning in her words was still heard by them. In the end, she picked herself up and said that she was a mother who worked for her children.

Mo Shaoqing, after all, was not a child. He suddenly understood the Li couple's intention. If it's for the child, his parents would surely help. Besides, they didn't say that they wanted to buy a house with a loan. How could they keep paying back the loan? The meaning behind her words was to ask for a house in Donghu Residence.

"What are you meaning is..." Mother Mo hesitated, but Father Mo was in business all the year round and understood, "I know what are you meaning about. Your worries are reasonable. It's too long to buy a house and renovate it. We have to work hard. During that time, our family of six can't be all together. That's what it means!"

Mither Li's eyes motioned to Father Li. Father Li answered, "That's the truth. There is no ready-made house. Don't buy a house in the city center. Otherwise, it's not convenient for you to visit my grandson later. It's not convenient for you to run around!"

"What you said is reasonable, and Shaoqing also wants to go to college, if he lives with children, he can't concentrate on studying!" Father Mo smoked two cigarettes hard, as if weighing the advantages and disadvantages. He looked up at Mo Shaoqing, who was sitting on the other side and then said, "That's it. First, renovate the house in Donghu, and then disperse the odor after fixing it. Let Li'er's family of three live first as soon as possible. It's important to keep the baby at ease."

"Dad, this is not good. This house is..." Mo Shaohong objected first but was stopped by Father Mo's eyes.

Obviously, it's not over yet. "You are very reasonable. Our Li'er is so blessed that she can marry Shaohong and have children for him." Mother Li sighed and secretly observed the expressions of all the people present.

"It's really hard for Li'er to have a baby. Li'er, don't do your job. Take good care of the baby. It's most important to have a safe birth, you know?"

Looking at Father and Mother Li agreed with each other, and continued to talk about the tendency, Mother Mo could see that they have something else to do! Despite the discontented, she gave a supercilious look, but she kept a proper smile on her face and asked, "If you have any requirements, please mention them. As long as we can do it, we will try our best."

"Yes, yesー" Father Li had no vision. When he heard this, he couldn't sit still happily. "We have no other requirements, Li'er married Shaohong, in this life, she has followed Shaohong. It's your Mo family. For you Mo family to have children, there is no credit and hard work. On the real estate certificate, is it necessary to add our Li'er's name? After all, she's your family."

Seeing that everyone had a subtle expression on their face, Li Li'er was anxious. "Dadー" stop it. She didn't expected her parents to be in such a hurry.

"No, it's reasonable for my family to think about it. I agree to add Li'er's name..." Father Mo surprised Li family. They didn't expect Father Mo to be so good at talking. They were secretly happy. It seemed that the child was their life preserver!

Father and Mother Li sat for a while before leaving. Mother Mo went to clean up the dishes and chopsticks. Father MO asked his daughter-in-law to have a rest. He and his two sons discussed in the living room. Mo Shaoqing didn't expect to came out like this. Seeing Father MO smoking in silence, he was worried and upset.

"Shaoqing, dad wants to say sorry to you. Don't talk first. Listen to me. Dad didn't think about this. I didn't expect this unexpected situation. Then, without discussing with you, I took the initiative and gave the house to your elder brother and sister-in-law. We are a family. Dad knows that you won't care, but I didn't believe it. Dad still wants to apologize to you."

Heard this, Mo Shaoqing was also sad. He didn't expect that Father Mo was such a serious person. "Dad, I don't want any house. My sister-in-law's special situation is a great joy. Their requirements are also reasonable. I don't mind. As long as my family are happy together."

Father Mo smoked in silence and said, "It's not all about the house... Laoda, you need refreshments for the house renovation, especially the children's room..." (TN: eldest child in a family)

"Yes," Mo Shaohong took the words and hesitated, "Dad, the house in the Qiangwei Park?"

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"Stop work first. We don't have so much energy for the two families to pretend together. Just don't mention it. Go up and accompany your wife. I'll help your mother." Then he went to the kitchen to help.

Mo Shaoqing also quickly found an excuse to go upstairs, but Mo Shaohong lingered upstairs and didn't know what he was thinking. Mo Shaoqing entered the room and immediately flashed into the space. Before that, he had planted many vegetables himself, but recently he was busy with the middle school entrance examination and didn't have time to look at them.

Even if he was ready, Mo Shaoqing was still frightened by the present situation. If he remembered correctly, he only planted one tomato. The others were just a few vegetables, some rapeseed and some spinach. The lush green color that he saw in the past was... Adult fist-sized tomatoes have bent tomato vines, the spinach was large and green, as for the planted rapeseed, they have already produced rapeseed fruit. Good gracious! It's grown too fast. He seemed to water only once.

Mo Shaoqing immediately picked a tomato and wiped it a little. It's conceivable that a strong fruity fragrance spread in the air. Fresh and juicy, sour and sweet, just like fruit, the color was also very uniform red, the tomato had a different luster.

Because he couldn't explain where all these came from, Mo Shaoqing temporarily put aside his thought. Instead, he fetched some well water and planned to mix it into the daily water at home. He hoped it would be good for his nephew and niece in his sister-in-law's belly.

Inside the toilet on the second floor

Li Li'er tested it, but she was really not pregnant. She was disappointed, but she still got up and looked up some information about early pregnant women. She had some ins and outs in her mind. Now that things have reached this point, it's natural to pretend. Looking at her husband coming in, Li Li'er was very happy and looked like a new mother. She thought her husband would ask about the Donghu Residence attentively, even pondered over the answers, but she didn't expect that her husband was just silent all the time. "Shaohong you..."

"Li'er, I asked you, do you want that house very much?" Looked at her husband's face, Li Li'er couldn't help being flustered, but her mouth made an excuse, "Why do you think so? Am I such a person?" Mo Shaohong was silent for a while and then had no words all night.

The next day at the dining table, because of yesterday's event, they were more or less uncomfortable, so the atmosphere had been very stiff. Mother Mo thought for a long time and decided to break the silence. She told Li Li'er about the early stage of pregnancy. In the middle of the conversation, Mother Mo suddenly thought of something and said to her eldest son, "From today on, Shaohong will move to the guest room. Be careful in the first three months."

Li Li'er heard it and shouted no good in her heart. She originally thought I'd hold on to it, even if it wasn't the right month. It would be ok if she gave born. But in this case, she had no chance, and she really couldn't say the reason for the objection. To the extent that Shaohong cared about the children, even if they lived together, he would never touch her.

However, she dare not contradict that Wei Xiarong, Mother Mo was more than 40 years old, well maintained, and the outstanding temperament of the music teacher made her looked very young. But Li Li'er was also envious of such a woman. She and Father Mo were typical male and female masters inside and outside appearance. In the family, the mother had the final say. She had an artistic background and wanted everything to be perfect, which put a lot of pressure on Li Li'er. This was also the reason Li Li'er had been asked to move out.

In this case, the Donghu Residence started to work. Mo Shaohong was even busier. He went to bed every day when he was tired, which made Li Li'er feel depressed. It was really hopeless to have a child. In fact, Li Li'er doesn't want to deceive everyone from her heart. But for the most part of the month, Mo family treated her like an apple on their eyes. She didn’t get that good treatment even in her parents' house. Even her mother-in-law was no longer "harsh" to her, it's better to be obedient than newlywed. On the one hand, it made her enjoyed it, and on the other hand, she's afraid.

In such an environment, the long-awaited holiday actually came. Li Li'er calculated the days, no more, no less than two months. Li Li'er's face turned white because of the stomachache. She could only get rid of the discomfort. Mother Mo was very concerned. She immediately asked for leave to take care of her and served three meals a day.

Time was advancing to July. The house renovation in Donghu Residence was coming to an end. The family was busy preparing clothes and beds for the future children. Li Li'er's heart was very bitter. It would have been nice if she had this child, but all this doesn't belong to her.

After four months of hard work, the bigger problems were coming. It's getting hotter, everyone wearing thinner clothes, Li Li'er was more worried. Now the house was renovated, everyone was choosing the furniture, Shaohong would soon move back to the master bedroom, her stomach would be four months, generally speaking, three months pregnant, but the fact was... her stomach was flat. In three months, she could still get through. But she couldn't go on like this.

After a few days, the school would on holiday. Li Li'er was frightened to think that she would be under the eyes of her mother-in-law and her brother-in-law every day.

Li Li'er was so regretful that she agreed to her mother's idea. Now it's impossible to stop halfway! They think it's too simple to put on false pregnancy and abortion...


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