Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 5: Pregnant

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That night, Mo Shaoqing was lying in bed with some excitement and couldn't sleep. He would soon have his own house. Although the house was not big, he had a real home for himself who had been wandering for 30 years. His heart was still very shaken.

Today, he also found out that Father and Mother Mo had made up their minds early, though they said they were discussing, but they actually made up their minds so early that they could prepare a "new house" for him early in the morning. The sister-in-law was obviously not very happy, but she didn't say anything. When he thought that his brother and sister-in-law might be carrying a mortgage for this purpose, Mo Shaoqing was also a little guilty. How could they dote on him so much?

These feelings, even if the body was adopted, couldn't find a better family. In fact, Mo Shaoqing hadn't been in love for the past 30 years, because he may be a little bent, but because he hadn't met the right person, he doesn't know whether he was really bent, if he wanted to reveal his sexual orientation... he doesn't know how much it would hurt his family.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

In the other room, Li Li'er thought about it and decided to talk about the demolition with Mother Li. As soon as she got off work the next day, she went to her mother's house. She told Mother Li what she thought. But she was not appreciated by Mother Li. Instead, she was poured by a basin of cold water. Li Mu was so angry that she almost going to poked Li Li'er's forehead and scolded her, "I think you are stupid. You agree with such a loss deal!" (TN: to criticize someone's opinions or ideas and stop people believing them or being excited about them)

"What's wrong, mom? I think it's very good! Shaohong and I can move out. And the houses in the city must be much better than those in the country." No development zone has been mentioned these years. For Li Li'er, it's just the countryside. Li Li'er was dissatisfied with her mother's attitude and argued.

"Have you ever asked whose name the new house was written?"

Li Li'er didn't think much about it either, "It must be Shaohong. After all, all the money is from them, but I also plan to give some. Mom, all the money I have saved over the years will be given to you and dad. If I give some money, you may need to take some out. Mom~ I'll borrow 30000 Yuan, ok?" Li Li'er said coquettishly. She didn't know that her mother had other plans in mind.

"Thirty thousand, I don't have one. Go ahead and rob it. I don't have a cent." When it came to money, Mother Li refused at once, just as she wanted to pull her hair.

"But if I make a part of it, maybe I can write my name together with Shaohong?"

"Joint name?" Mother Li's eyes turned, as if she suddenly thought of something, "It's not impossible, but... If I go out with your father for 80000 yuan, can I add your father's name to the house?"

"Eighty thousand? Why do you have so much money?" You know, her dowry was only a few thousand plus a few quilts, even decent electrical appliances, her parents were not willing to give.

"Oh, can you say that! I don't want to think about who we are for, or not to let you not carry the mortgage. You think the mortgage is so easy to repay, and we also want to enjoy the good fortune!"

"Really?" In fact, Li Li'er has some doubts, but her heart was still shaken. After all, it's her parents. How could they harm her! "However, this house is not cheap. How can it cost more than 300000 yuan? It doesn't include decoration. You pay 80000 yuan, and one-third of them don't have it. Besides, you don't need to provide for the elderly!"

"Oh, yes!" The scheme in Mother Li's heart rattled. "Is there no existing house? Cheaper, less than 200000."

"Yes, in Donghu Residence development zone, but my parents have already given it to my uncle."

"No, I don't think it's right. I don't think it's for you or for a child. I think your mother-in-law's heart is biased. The second child is 13 years old this year. It will take eight or nine years to get married. If you give him the house so early, you will have to work hard to repay the house loan. I don't know what year or month the 200000 demolition money will come down. I also know that the Donghu Residence is much more beautiful and new than the one in the city. It's all European style and has good facilities. There are also kindergartens under construction. The roads are still being built around it. Apart from being far away from the city, there's nothing bad about it. There's not such a good neighborhood in this city for you to choose from."

Li Li'er listened to it and her heart was excited, but she felt that her parents-in-law would not give them the house. After all, it was a matter of negotiation, and she was troubled.

Mother Li began to scheme in her mind, she could live in a new house! With the house, if she could ask for more money for demolition and decoration, it's not all about living together. But what should she do to had her daughter's name in it but not to spend money?

She couldn't help but complain to her daughter, "I said you've been married for a year but you're still not pregnant. If you fight for something and give them a grandson to the Mo family, can your in-laws leave the grandson without a house? Where else should I pay for it? Write your name directly. Anyway, it's for their grandson." Li Li'er thought that she was not like her, she only had a daughter after years of marriage!

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"So what? I don't have children, I don't have a house. I'm embarrassed to ask for a house from my mother-in-law."

"You're really mindless. Can you have no children this year and no children next year? For the children in the future, you don't plan to... By the way, child..." Mother Li suddenly raised her voice and scared Li Li Li'er. Mother Li, who responded, seemed to have an idea suddenly. Her face was full of joy. She asked her daughter to listen to her and elaborate her idea in her ear.

Li Li'er came back home and still dazed. She didn't think her mother's idea was so bold, but she still hesitated and didn't dare to do it in her heart. In case of being exposed, that was...

"Sister, are you ok?" When Mo Shaoqing came home, he saw his sister-in-law's dazed appearance, and though she was ill.

Li Li'er woke up like a dream and said nothing was wrong, so she went upstairs. Mo Shaoqing thought that it was not like nothing!

At the dinner, Li Li'er recovered a little, but when she heard Mother Mo say that she would decorate them for tens of thousands more, she couldn't express her feelings clearly and felt guilt entangled her heart.

At night, Li Li'er was lying in bed and couldn't sleep. Mo Shaohong saw that his wife was a little agitated. He listened to his wife asking about the house again. He simply thought of the house and described it carefully. Li lier felt even worse after hearing this.

Mo Shaohong was optimistic that the residential area where the house was located was built in 2002. The residential area was not large and belonged to a mid-range community, so the greening was not good. But it was built in the main urban area, with the advantages of convenient transportation and the disadvantages were the good layout was gone. There were no good types of houses, only ordinary ones, or second-hand houses. The house was not big, about 100 square meters.

Li Li'er was absent-minded. Mo Shaohong asked her about the decoration. She was perfunctory. What she thought was more about the house of Donghu Residence that she saw on the internet today. The community hadn't been completed yet, but it could be imagined that after all the surrounding facilities were completed, the house price would not be as cheap as she imagined.

Moreover, this year's new houses like this one were rare in Y City. She heard that they were built in imitation of the high-level communities in the first-tier cities like S City. Li Li'er thought more and more about it, and she began to think that the house should be owned by them, the husband and wife. Unconsciously, her inner balance began to tilt towards her mother.

On the other hand, Mother Li was worried that she could not get the news. She and her husband had another idea. Apart from living in this poor place for decades and thinking of living a good life, her husband had just adopted a son from a relative and had no ability to give birth to a daughter. Her husband was always worried about this. All the money she had saved over the years was going to be spent on the younger son, and this was done without her daughter's knowledge. Her daughter knew that she grew up spoiled since her childhood, which has caused her superior temperament. If she knew this, she would make a mess to everyone and noisy about it.

She had come up with some money to make the house half her own, but it wasn't enough. An idea came out of the blue to get her out of the clouds. When everything came to an end, they would move to their daughter's place. Mo family would not treat them badly if they were so rich. When the child grew up, there was hope for herself and her husband in the future. Besides, she had figured out the way for her future. If the fake pregnancy was successful, it's her own happiness. After the abortion, she could also make an excuse for her delay in infertility and take a break.

After more than a week, there was still no news. Mother Li couldn't sit still. She bought some gift boxes and took her husband to counteract Mo family.

Mo family was very surprised at the family's arrival, but they welcomed people in. Mother Mo made several more dishes and put them on the table. Li Li'er looked at her parents as if they were facing the enemy.

Mother Li was also unpretentious. She put the gift box directly, sat at the table and uttered the "amazing" news. She surprised Mo family for a while. Everyone was stunned for a long time. Mother Mo responded first. She pleasantly asked her daughter-in-law, "Li'er, why don't you tell us such a big thing? It's been a few months."

"I, I......" Li Li'er didn't know how to react at all, because her mother didn't get angry with her beforehand. Mother Li glared at her daughter and scolding her in her heart, but said, "Six weeks! Li'er originally said that she would surprise Shaohong, but I heard that your house is going to be demolished soon. It's estimated that there are many things to do. I'd better tell the relatives earlier, so that Li'er doesn't understand anything and not bumps into it."

"Yes, you didn't tell me earlier, Li'er." Mo Shaohong on one side was already excited and didn't know what to say. He said three things in a row and expressed his expectation for the children.

Li Li'er has recovered from the fright just now. She looked at her husband, her mother-in-law, her brother-in-law and her parents with surprised eyes. She felt satisfied. When did the family paid so much attention to her? And it's useless to say no at this time.

Her mind turned. Her menstruation was always inaccurate. It hadn't been more than a month. Maybe she was pregnant. Even if she didn't, Shaohong wouldn't doubt it. Then he said, "I want to surprise Shaohong," she changed the topics and protest coquettishly, "Mom, what did you sayー" acted like a little girl and was settled on the facts.

"Ha ha..." Everyone laughed happily and talked about it. A meal was spent in such a happy atmosphere.


Mo Shaoqing called Li Li'er sister-in=law, but I will write sister instead

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