Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 4: Happiness

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Soon Mo Shaoqing found a good flower shop that was out of line with the flowers and plants market around him. It would be very common in 201X, but a decade years ago, it was rare for such a flower shop. As expected, the business was not good, and the door was deserted.

The shopk owner was a young girl. She was dressed beautifully. She sat in a chair watching TV dramas. It seemed that she didn't open the shop just to earn money. Maybe it's just her nature.

Mo Shaoqing explained his intention. The owner looked at the plants carefully and said, "Wow, these roses are very good. Little handsome, you want to sell them? I'll take them!"

"Really? Thank you sister." Mo Shaoqing didn't expect it went so smoothly. He was very happy all of a sudden. He quickly offered a more affordable price.

"Oh, the little handsome guy has a sweet mouth and a good smile." Then she pinched Mo Shaoqing's cheek.

"If you are interested, I have some others there." Mo Shaoqing continued to sell.

"For example?" The shop owner looked very interested.

"Some green plants, such as spider plants, and some other flowers, such as Chinese rose." This excuse, he really could not say anything carelessly about where the plants and flowers came, after all, he only planted these.

"Well... I mainly need some flowers, such as roses, lilies, carnations and so on. Oh, by the way, my surname is Wu. You can call me Sister Wu." After that, she wrote her address, name and contact number on the paper. "Some small potted plants will do as well." Sister Wu added.

Mo Shaoqing called Sister Wu even sweetly. He knew that this meant he had a long-term deal, and his future wallet could be a little bulged.

Now he has made up his mind to make money from childhood. After graduating from college, he would open his own shop, be his own boss and live happily. As for what to do, he didn't think of it for the time being, but it didn't hinder his life plan.

Then he carefully selected a few small plants to bring to Mother Mo. Then, he went to the seed store and bought some flower seeds and domestic vegetable seeds. He planned to get the space to test the water. In this way, the money from selling plants today has already been spent. It seemed that there was still a long way to go before his dreams come true!

Everything went smoothly. When he came home from school one day, he found that the atmosphere at home was very different. Mo's family couple and brother were both beaming with joy, plus a stranger couple on the other side, Li Li'er and some other strangers. Mo Shaoqing felt as if he had guessed the intention of the dinner.

"Shaoqing, come to brother here." Mo Shaohong greeted him, "What kind of drink do you want? Are you hungry? We'll have dinner in a while."

Mo Shaoqing saw the smile that couldn't stop in his eyes and joked, "Brother, are you going to get married?"

"Yes, don't be unhappy. Even if you have a sister-in-law, you are the brother likes best." Mo Shaohong comforted his younger brother who was adolescent, for fear that he would be unhappy.

Mo Shaoqing, who lived hard for a lifetime, was neither a child nor a little girl. He wouldn't be jealous or make trouble. Of course, he was very happy when his brother got married. Li Li'er was very kind to her brother. He could see that she was also very attentive to his parents. After all, it's the two of them who would live their whole lives. Their marriage, even his younger brother, unable to had any opinion.

The adults at the dinner table were really discussing the details of the wedding, but they don't know much about it. Who made him a single dog who had been single for 30 years! He believed that his parents would have the best arrangement, but he was more worried about how the little flowers he had planted the previous two days were going.

As for the bride price, Mo's family couple had their own plans. Although their careers were good, their savings were not much. For the future plan, they wanted to keep a little bit for the youngest son, and the eldest son could only give about 10000 Yuan to the bride price. Finally, the bride price decided to give was 9999, which meant one out of ten thousand. Another 20000 Yuan for jewelry and furniture.

This was unexpected to the Li family. They thought the Mo family was in a good condition, so they thought they would give forty or fifty thousand yuan, actually only ten thousand. Mother Li was dissatisfied, but Li Li'er wanted to marry Mo Shaohong too much. Such an excellent person, she didn't want to miss it, so she bit her teeth and agreed.

The wedding was scheduled to be held on the national day. Although it's a bit hasty, there were many things to do. In recent years, not many wedding photos had been taken abroad, but at the request of the woman, Father and Mother paid for the two of them to take a wedding photo abroad. The biggest one was in front of the hotel.

The hotel was also the best local restaurant, this was the first wedding of Mo Shaoqing in the world.

The simple make-up, simple wedding dress and suit couldn't cover up the happy smile of the couple in front of them. He hope that his elder brother would be happy all his life. Mo Shaoqing made a silent wish.

Half a year later, Mo Shaoqing really integrated into the family, learned the knowledge of the previous life, and had a better chance to touch the instrument and piano that he particularly wanted to learn.

The elder brother was also married. Now he was ready to had a child. Not surprisingly, soon he would have a nephew or niece. He was really more and more satisfied with such days.

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But he didn't expect that the next accident changed the current situation of the family.

Recently, Mother Mo was not happy, because Li Li'er's stomach had no news of activity, and her neighbors always talk in front of her, which made her feel very upset.

In Y City, it's early to get married and had children. Usually, in the first year of marriage, you could drink full moon wine in the second year. However, it's been a year since she with them, her daughter-in-law's stomach had no movement. She's not an unreasonable mother-in-law, but as mother-in-law she also anxious.

Father Mo thought it over, he thought this matter wasn't urgent. He persuaded his wife, and they don't have much time to bring their grandchildren to work. Mother Mo knew it, but what she was more afraid of was that if there was something wrong with her daughter-in-law, everyone would not know. When they got married at the beginning, they didn't say that they were still a few years younger to had children. Li Li'er even intimately said that they would have children earlier, which made Mo's family very happy.

Li Li'er, on the other side, was also anxious. She had irregular menstrual period, and Mo Shaohong was very busy with his work. He wanted to take advantage of his youth. He was always on a business trip or worked overtime. When he came back, he would lie down and go to sleep. She couldn't pester him.

In the evening, Mother Mo carefully cooked a pot of tonic soup, and told Li Li'er that she must drink it all. Li Li'er's heart was bitter. Mo Shaoqing also couldn't stand it. "Mom, this child's matter must not too urgent. You can't just look at sister-in-law! Big brother..."

"Oh, you know a lot, boy!" Mo family custom was more open, so Mother Mo just teased him a few times and patted his head. It's embarrassing for Mo Shaoqing. After all, he was an adult man and knew more or less.

"Well, I have good news for you." Father Mo waited for them to finish and then he said, "Coughー we are going to demolish this area!"

At this time, the entire family focused on Father Mo. They were obviously surprised. Father Mo explained, "It's like thisー in fact, it's because the city has been developing all the time, so it's necessary to build a new community and high-rise buildings, but there's no vacant land in this area. No, it depends on our old neighborhood."

"I want to say so, our community has a history of more than ten years, and it should be rebuild. The new house built in the suburb recently is beautiful." Mother Mo agreed.

Li Li'er couldn't help to think about it carefully after listening to these words. She always thought that if there was a child in the family, the house would be crowded. If she could move out and live with a family of three, it would be easy and comfortable. She really doesn't want to live under the eyes of her mother-in-law. Moreover, this demolition could distract everyone's attention. It's a lot of work. Then she asked tentatively, "How much they compensate us?"

Father Mo thought about it carefully and said, "Two units, and there is a garage, and there is also demolition compensation."

As soon as Li Li'er heard about it, she felt happy. There must be two of them. After all, they were a small family now.

But Father and Mother Mo don't think so. The first thing they thought of was their two sons. They must had a house, and then them. The eldest son and daughter-in-law worked in the city, but the house was in the suburb. It's not very convenient. The couple decided to go back to the room after dinner to had a good discussion.

Early the next morning, Father and Mother Mo went to the demolition office to ask about the details of the house. In the evening, both of them went home happily. Father and Mother Mo, who had come back home, discussed a few words before went to the dining table and announced the demolition.

"I went to the demolition office to met Lao Wu today. It's good to say that it has something to do with it. He leaked about the new bulding to me in advance. In fact, we can choose three units, but we need some subsidies. Your mother and I have already made plans. Let's talk about them. I've booked two houses with your mother. This is the house floor plan. Have a look. If you don't like it, you can change it." Thanks to his previous life, Mo Shaoqing knew a little about the house. Mo Shaohong and Li Li'er were both ignorant about it.

"I think it's very good! Mom, Dad, it’s all up to you." Mo Shaohong said while drinking soup. Li Li'er had the heart to look at it, but seeing her husband's indifferent appearance, she had to let it go. Her heart inevitably grumbled.

"I specially selected two houses that are not very large, so that the rest of the area can turn into demolition subsidies. The large one is located in the Qiangwei Park, 120 square meters, three rooms and two living rooms. The small one is in the Donghu Residence, 90 square meters, also three rooms and two living rooms, but the rooms are relatively small. In this way, we can get more than 200000 demolition funds."

Father Mo continued, "I think so. The eldest child and your wife are working in the city. It's too far to go back to the suburbs every day. Donghu area is very desolate. You just buy a suite in the city and renovate it. If the demolition fund is not enough, we can subsidize you separately. Let's renovate the house in Qiangwei Park first, and move there first. You husband and wife and Shaoqing will live in Qiangwei Park with us, then buy a new house and move to it. As for the other house, it's far away from the city, so give it to Shaoqing. If it's really not good, you can sell it in the future. What do you think?"

Mo Shaohong answered directly without hesitation, "I have no opinion."

Li Li'er was a little angry when she heard it, she has nothing to do with her family! However, she soon thought that Donghu was far away from the city center. The house was small, with a market value of no more than 200000 Yuan. Moreover, she was used to big houses, so she was not used to moving in. It's better to buy a big house in the city. If you only paid a down payment, the demolition fee was more than 200000 and it's enough for renovation. Shand Shaohong also had some savings. If it's doesn't work, then go back and ask her parents to borrow some. Just buy them instead of mortgage. House prices would definitely rise in the future. Think about it or earn it by yourself.

"I don't mind." Mo Shaoqing still lived with his parents, naturally he had no opinion.


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