Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 3: New Life

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Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 3: New Life

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Mo Shaoqing went on and found that it was really beautiful here. Mo Shaoqing, who had absorbed the haze of the capital for more than ten years, came here. He was like a fish in the water and ran for several times. After he released himself, Mo Shaoqing finally couldn't run anymore. (TN: used to describe someone who performs well in a certain situation, making it seem like they were meant to be in that environment)

There was a small roof tiled house not far ahead, surrounded by a fence. He found that there was nothing around the roof tiled house except a well, and there was no plant. Out of courtesy, Mo Shaoqing knocked on the door and before went in.

The room had a panoramic view where you could see at a glance. At the entrance was a Chinese round table with several small stools. The other half was a heatable brick bed. On the right was a study. In the middle was a desk. There was an undyed layer on the desk. There were paperweights, brushes, papers and ink-stone on it. On the right was an empty indoor partition. On the left were several bookshelves full of ancient texts.

Mo Shaoqing casually took a look over it, and found that they were all cryptic ancient texts, so he gave up. Behind the roof tiled house was a small hut, in which there was only one stove, clean and spotless.

After explored the house, Mo Shaoqing went on to explore the front of the house, where the renovated farmland surrounded by rolling hills. Several streams passing through the fields eventually merged into a river and poured into the sea.

The boundless mountains and the endless sea made Mo Shaoqing exclaimed how big the space was.

He guessed that this place may be a had been built by his ancestors. It's also a kind of fate. After repeated gratitude, Mo Shaoqing decided to make good use of it, the secret world that accompanied him for two generations.

The first thing he thought about was whether there should be any panacea here? For example, he doesn't want to spend his whole life improving his body. In his last life, he called himself a man of 1.8 meters. In fact, only he knew that he was 1.78 meters. That little two centimeters was always the gap between him and Zhang Yi, which he laughed at for a long time.

It's about the dignity of a man. Mo Shaoqing decided to look for it, but to his disappointment, there was nothing in the tile house except some basic furniture and it was clean.

Clean? No, it's not. There's a well at the door! Mo Shaoqing, who had come to a conclusion, was cheered up again. He came to the well, first scooped up a bucket of water, touched it with his fingers, and put it into his mouth. It was slightly sweet and clean, and it was not poisonous.

Then he took a few sips. Sure enough, after a while, his skin began to emitted some gray and black impurities. Mo Shaoqing was afraid of being found by his parents and dared not drink too much. Then he washed his body with spring water and tossed it over and over again for several times, which was a success.

After doing all of this, Mo Shaoqing went out of the garden. In front of the garden was a piece of land. The land was very clean, without any weeds, and there were no plants.

After discovering the new world, Mo Shaoqing was unable to sleep with excitement. He was eager to plant something, but he had to go back to school tomorrow. After the new terms begin, he was would be in the third grade. Today, he must rest early.

Without any choice, Mo Shaoqing had to calm himself and opened his eyes. He had already returned to his bedroom. The first thing after he came out was to look at the time. After dinner, he watched TV for a while and took a bath. It should be at least eight o'clock. But he just strolled in there for so long, and now it's only eight thirty, which obviously meant that the time in the space moved differently from the outside world.

Ah, God closed a window for you and opened a door for you. Which was a bright sparkling golden door. With such a beautiful idea, Mo Shaoqing fell asleep.

During this time, Mo Shaohong had been busy with blind dates. But after several blind dates, Mo Shaohong and Mother Mo were a little impatient. Mo Shaohong grew up well with high education, a good job and a good family. It could be said that he was the dream lover of many girls.

But Mother Mo was demanding. She either disliked her age or her family background, or her looks. She could always picked out a lot of mistakes. In a flash, she removed most of the girls introduced by the matchmaker.

Like Li Li'er. In fact, she couldn't get into Mother Mo's eyes, but the matchmaker was also related to her family. In front of the woman, Mother Mo didn't say anything, just wanted to refuse in private.

The matchmaker also had eyesight. Seeing that Mother Mo doesn't like her, so persuaded her to be there first. After went home, Mother Li hurriedly persuaded her daughter to paid attention to Mo's family situation. Li Li'er vision was also very high. The previous ones were not worth it, but this Mo Shaohong was really different. He graduated from a famous university and had a good job. He had a house and a car. Although he lived with his parents, the house was very big, and his parents lived underneath, which was separated from him.

The day after she made up her mind, Li Li'er came to the door with a present. Although she was not reserved, she knew her own weight. If she was a little reserved, the wealthy husband would run away.

While Mo Shaohong was busy with his life, Mo Shaoqing is busy with his experiments. He doesn't know if he had any secret stash of money now, so he could only try to get some seeds from his family for experiments.

After a period of observation, he found that Mother Mo loved to plant flowers, so Mo Shaoqing searched for some flower seeds at home and took them to plant in the space. Poured them with the spring water by the river, and prepared to wait for flowers to bloom.

The life of the third year in junior middle school officially began. Mo Shaoqing began to be busy. Even though he had studied before, he did not touch it for more than ten years after all, and he wasn't familiar with the people at his class, so at the beginning, Mo Shaoqing had a hard life.

Fortunately, he started very fast, still a teacher's assistant, and a good example of his classmates. The children in junior high school were relatively simple. After heard that he lost his memory, they were very concerned about him. There were no classmates who were particularly difficult to get along with. Mo Shaoqing was a 30-year-old man, he was hanging around this group of teenage children and felt a little stressed. After all, he's not a real child.

Through the busy school time, Mo Shaoqing finally had time to enter the space and take a good look at the flowers and seeds he planted before. When he entered the space, Mo Shaoqing was scared by a small piece of red in front of him, from seeds to flowers, it only took a few days.

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In addition to green dill and hanging orchid, the leaves of the plants in the house were used. For other roses, Chinese rose seeds were all used. Now, they were not only bloom but also growing very well. They seemed to be bigger than other flowers. The beautiful rose bloomed and stood proudly, without any trace of withering. It seemed that time stayed at their most beautiful time.

Mo Shaoqing transplanted some roses into a flowerpot. He thought that he could present these flowers to Mother Mo on Teachers' day. Although Mother Mo was a teacher, she was an assistant teacher, so she rarely received flowers or greeting cards from students. This always made her felt discouraged, as if she didn't taught well. If he gave it to her on Teachers' Day, she would be very happy.

In addition, these roses have opened up a way of making money in Mo Shaoqing's mind. Although Valentine's Day and Christmas were not very popular now, these roses were so beautiful. Maybe he could sell flowers and made some changes later. But now with his age, to do these, his family wouldn't agree. Let's put it in the bottom of his heart for the time being.

On Teacher's Day, when Mo Shaoqing took out the rose, Mother Mo was really happy. Mo Shaoqing said a few words of blessing and made Mother Mo's eyes redden. "Shaoqing has grown up, thank you, mother is very happy."

Li Li'er on one side felt that the opportunity for her performance was coming. Mother Mo doesn't hade a particularly good impression on her. She knew that, so she had been very diligent recently.

"Wow, these flowers are so beautiful. Teacher Wei, you are so happy, your son is so filial. These flowers really match you. Shaoqing, you have a good eye. Where did you buy the flowers?"

A few words made everyone happy.

As the saying goes, women chased men's veil. Li Li'er cared about Mo Shaohong and made a strong attack these days, which made Mo Shaohong felt particularly intimate. Today, Mother Mo also improved her impression of Li Li'er. She casually recalled the previous blind dates. She thought about whether she was too strict. (TN: if a woman actively pursues a man, the difficulty between the two is as simple as the veil)

"Yes, the flower is so beautiful and big. It must be very expensive! Shaoqing, where did you buy it? Is it expensive?" Compared with the romantic sensibility Mother Mo, the rational economy Father Mo soon realized the problem.

"Ah?" Obviously, he did not realize that there was such a thing, Mo Shaoqing couldn't answer it. His mind began to think of all kinds of excuses.

"I said Lao Mo, why are you like this? I've been with you for so many years. You haven't bought me any flowers. My son is so filial to me. You have to inquire about it. Why are you not romantic at all? The important thing in your mind, was it the price?" Mother Mo was a little angry.

"It's ok, mom." It's going to become a criticism conference. "I bought it at the flower and plant market. It's cheap there. And I know that mom doesn't like bouquets. I ordered potted plants very early. They're cheaper than those carefully packaged bouquets! The boss didn't give me a very expensive price since I was still a student!" Mo Shaoqing quickly explained, God knew that he didn't even know where the flower market was.

"Wow, that boss is also very nice!" Mother Mo had no doubt, but it made Mo Shaoqing a little guilty. That boss was himself!

Mother Mo agreed and nodded, "I must often go to that boss's business in the future. Which one flower market is it?"


"Ah? Noー Mom, I'll do this little thing. I'll help you buy some flowers and plants in the future! Aren't you just giving a class English class? You must be busy!" Mo Shaoqing quickly stopped her.

"Yes, I forgot. Thank you! Then help me to prepare some plants for the office. I want to send them to the English teacher in the office." At last, Mo Shaoqing got a hug from his mother, which made Father Mo envious.

On the task of his mother, in the early morning of the weekend, Mo Shaoqing took some plants from the space and planned to go to the flower market to try his luck.

Unexpectedly, it was a bad start. Many merchants didn't look even glance at it, which made Mo Shaoqing leave sadly. However, he could also understand that most of the businesses here were purchased goods from Y Province, where the supply was beautiful and cheap, and they would definitely not be willing to cooperate with private companies.


heatable brick bed/Kang bed-stove/炕

Rose/Beach rose/玫瑰

Chinese rose/月季

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