Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 1: Rebirth or Transmigration

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B City

In the CBD center of B City, there were several towering glass buildings. From low to high, from the outside to the inside layer by layer, scattered around a 110 story building in the center, emitted charming luster under the refraction of sunlight. This group of towering high-rise buildings was the top talent in Z Country and even the world yearned forー Claire Group.

Claire Group was one of the top 50 companies in the world, including supermarkets, shopping malls and five-star hotels, as well as real estate and luxury goods. Shao Qing just happened to work in a company that rented the group's office building.

Shao Qing was an orphan born and raised in B City. The biggest essential point of him was that he has a good appearance. He has obtained a chance to study in the orphanage and graduate students and a relatively stable job with his continuous efforts.

But in such a big competition field as the company, no one could be independent. In addition to the workplace competition, there were many things to be excluded and suppressed, either to exclude others or to be excluded. Shao Qing belonged to the latter.

He had no ability, had no relationship, being flattered would be unlikely. When there was a promotion, he was pushed down. At this moment, he was really tired of such a life, so he resigned. Seeing his boss's stunned face, he had to say that at this moment he felt relieved.

When Shao Qing left the company with something in his hand, he saw a group of elites in suits and leather shoes surrounded a young man walked toward the front door of Claire Group headquarters.

He couldn't help but sigh, "How can the gap between this person and others be so large?"

Some people were born with a golden spoon, while some people were destined to be mediocre.

Of course, Shao Qing did not know that the man in front of him was actually the new chairman of Claire Group. Otherwise, he would definitely say that the saddest thing in the world was that he resigned and lost his job, and a new official took office.

After he sent the subsidy to the orphanage, he went home. This house was a small one-bedroom and one living room house he rented in the capital. It's a little consolation in the vast city besides the orphanage.

Sometimes Shao Qing also thought how nice it would be if he could find his own parents. He has a family of his own, and he doesn't have to work so hard. A perfect harmony of a family.

But apart from a cheap jade pendant, he could not see anything valuable in himself that could be used to recognize his family. Just relying on this to find his parents were nonsense, so he could only keep this mind in his heart.

"Quit your job, pay the rent again, and have no money." Shao Qing said with a wry smile. However, he was always optimistic and did not complain about starting to cook.

In order to had a better life, he has been working every rest day since he was an adult: promotions, washing dishes, a waiter, handing out flyers. The most important thing was to work in the restaurant. Every day, from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., from washing dishes to act in a supporting role, he has learned a lot of cooking skills.

Ring- ring- ring-

"Hello, Zhang Yi. What can I do for you?" Shao Qing held his cell phone in his ear and cooking.

"Lao Shao, I'll tell you a big news... Do you know that several orphanages in B City have come to a particularly rich boss to identify their relatives, who is still carrying the keepsakes? I tell you, it's really super rich. There are many bodyguards! So don't worry about anything this afternoon. Come here quickly."

"Ah? I don't know about it!"

The one who called was Shao Qing's companion who grew up together in the orphanage. His good buddy Zhang Yi. Zhang Yi was as righteous as his name.

But he sometimes exaggerated. The big boss he said was still a super rich one. Shao Qing thought there must be exaggeration in it.

"Really, don't say that. Nobody told you about it? There are not many qualified people. Some of them go to other provinces when they grow up. I secretly heard that our birth year is very close to the child that the boss is looking for... Do you think I am going to develop, hahahaha."

With a squalid laugh, Shao Qing hung up speechlessly. It's not a talent show to find his son. It's not necessary to stay in B City, but he couldn't bear to crack down on Zhang Yi's enthusiasm, because he knows that under Zhang Yi's careless appearance, there was heart like him, eager to look at his family. He just covered his heart with excessive cheerfulness.

Shao Qing never thought of flying to the branch and becoming a great young master. But even so, he would like to have a look, with the expectation of one in ten thousand, and the keepsake that does not know what it was. He must have a look. He really wanted to find his parents, even if they were not alive, he also wanted to know his own life, where he came from, and what kind of family they were.

After eating two mouthfuls of rice, Shao Qing couldn't wait to stop a taxi to go to the orphanage. He was nervous, but since getting on the train, Shao Qing has a strange feeling in his heart. He has little expectation. It seemed that someone was waiting for him in front, which made Shao Qing more anxious than usual when encountering a traffic jam.

He couldn't wait to contact Dean Shao, but his attitude was beyond his comprehension. Dean Shao, who has always been kind and gentle and straightforward, faltered this time. Dean Shao has always loved himself. His attitude was very suspicious this time, which made Shao Qing want to find out more.

After the traffic eased, Shao Qing kept urging the driver to hurry up, hurry up, and hurry up again.

At the moment of the accident, his mind was extremely clear.

It was said that before death, people would recall the happiest and unforgettable time in their lives. At this moment, the life in his mind was the hardships of his childhood. He chose a career he didn't like, a profession he didn't like, and worked hard in a big city...

So, was this his life?

No, he doesn't want to. He has lived in a proper way for 30 years. He hasn't found his own parents. He hasn't been in love. He's always wanted to rent a shop and fulfill his dream. He really couldn't let go of everything. Why does God treat him like this so much...

Then he fell into a coma. Therefore, he didn't see the jade pendant on his chest burst out with green light that didn't belong to it.

* * * * *

Shao Qing woke up in the hospital. He doesn't know how long he has slept. He didn't heard Zhang Yi's voice. He just lay on the bed quietly.

The ward was very clean. The walls were painted with blue and white paint. The floor tiles were cheap beige tiles. All the decorations were old and retain the style of the last century.

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As Shao Qing knew, there was no such a down-to-earth hospital in the imperial capital. Did Zhang Yi send him to a hospital in the countryside in order to save money? Shao Qing was shocked by his own thought.

Soon his question was answered. The silent space was broken, the door of the ward opened, and a large group of people came in, followed by a large group of family members of patients.

"Shaoqing, you finally wake up. You worry me to death, you child. If anything happened to you, I will..." An elegant woman came up and held him in her arms.

The woman was about 40 years old, with fair skin and a mole on her eyebrow. Her brows curved with a smile.

Shao Qing, who just woke up, was still a little dizzy. The embrace of a woman made him very uncomfortable. He had never been so close to a woman, even a middle-aged woman.

Fortunately, the doctor soon saved him. Just woke up, he was held so tightly that he could not breathe.

"The patient is no longer in trouble. Take a good rest and stay for a few days before you leave the hospital." After a brief examination, the doctor came to a conclusion.

This let Shao Qing knew a little about his recent situation. His thin body and small stature, this was not the 180 Shao Qing! Although Shao Qing has a good temper, he couldn't help but swearing, what the hell was going on!

Next, he was pampered by several relatives. Shao Qing was witty and didn't make a sound without knowing the situation. All of them were answered with "um" and "yes". Then he quickly excused his dizziness and wanted to continue to rest, let the woman and some other relatives leave.

After repeatedly calming down, Shao Qing finally realized what's going on. He was likely to be reborn. Ah, no, it may be crossing. Shao Qing repeatedly checked his body and finally found the ancient jade he was wearing. This little thing came here with him.

Shao Qing stumbled to the bathroom. He was familiar with and unfamiliar with himself in the mirror. He was 160, thin and small. He seemed to see himself more than ten years ago.

The only difference was that at that time, he was not well-nourished, and his hair was thin and yellow. Now, although he was thin, he looked good.

So was he reborn? But he had no parents. The woman who just came in and hugged me was probably his mother. No, it should be the mother of this body.

So now was the parallel world or the original world? Was he crossed? Does he have his own parents in the original world? Or was that his adoptive parents? No, in the original world he was just an ordinary orphan in B City, this was obviously not B City.

The more he thought about it, the more headache he has. For the time being, Shao Qing told himself that it's important to understand the current situation.

Then, Shao Qing told his mother the fact that he lost his memory very calmly, but to his surprise, his mother accepted the statement very quickly. However, Shao Qing's words were avoided. He thought it would comfort his mother for a long time, after all, she looked very emotional.

Then this body's mother told him a lot about himself. In a word, it's a completely different life from his previous life.

Through some understanding, Shao Qing, ah no, it should be Mo Shaoqing now. It's really a coincidence that this body was also called this name. Maybe there was a certain connection between the two.

There were four people in Mo Shaoqing's family. Except his father Mo Hanwen and mother Wei Xiarong, he also has an older brother, Mo Shaohong. In addition, there was no shortage of grandparents and cousins. He had to say how attractive such a complete family was for an orphan.

This rebirth was just a rebirth. He was very satisfied. And there were still some remaining memories in his mind, so that he could understand the obscure Southern dialect.

After the doctor announced that he was discharged from the hospital, Mo Shaoqing also met his father and brother.

Big brother looked much older than himself. He was already an adult with fair skin and a beautiful appearance.

His father was an ordinary middle-aged man, in a suit and leather shoes, mild and gentle, but not the general middle-aged man's posture, it seemed to be well maintained.

They were also very concerned about him. After asking for help, they immediately help him pack up. They don't want to stay for a moment.

At this time, Mo Shaoqing knew that he was playing at Grandma's house in the countryside and accidentally rolled down the hillside.

And he had been living in a hospital in the countryside for so many days. The hospital was very small. There were two small buildings in the inpatient department and outpatient department. There was a small garden between them.

Not far away, only an old man in Tang suit was basking in the sun.

Seeing Mo Shaoqing's eyes, the old man got up from his chair and went straight to his eyes, looking carefully.

Mo Shaoqing was almost getting goosebumps when saw him, and he always felt that he was going to be seen through.

"Grandpa, you..." Mo Shaoqing could only speak first.

"This little friend has an extraordinary history!" the old man said and touching his beard. In just one sentence, Mo Shaoqing was shocked and nailed in place. Was his rebirth seen?

"Yesterday, I watched the stars at night. I'm sure there are some distinguished people here today. So I'm here to wait... You must have some adventures little friend!" Then the old man looked at him with anticipation.

"Uh..." Mo Shaoqing couldn't laugh or cry. He's a little too guilty. "But I don't have money!" Yes, Mo Shaoqing has determined that the magical old man was mostly a liar.

"Don't believe me, ouch!" Looking at Mo Shaoqing's unmoved appearance, the old man hated iron but not steel. "Don't believe it." (TN: to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement)

Mo Shaoqing continued to look innocent.

"Ah! Before the time comes, I won't say more. Take good care of yourself!" Then he went back to basked in the sun.


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